Why Smart Owners Choose AirHost: Unbeatable Reputation & Reasons Revealed!

AirHost Reputaion

On this page, we'll discuss the reputation of AirHost and the reasons why it's chosen.

If you're already managing a small or medium-sized hotel or a vacation rental, or if you're interested in starting a vacation rental as a side business but want to operate more efficiently, you might have heard of AirHost before.

We'll delve into why AirHost is a popular choice.

What you'll learn from this article:

・The reputation of AirHost (covering both positive and negative feedback)

・The reasons why AirHost is chosen (based on our unique research)

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AirHost's reputation and reviews

AirHost's reputation and reviews

We've gathered both positive feedback and areas for improvement!

  • Reputation from other review sites

  • Reputation as presented in AirHost case studies and during negotiations

We'll share details on: AirHost's reputation according to a review site "Capterra".

Reputation from review site

Also we'll share a response from AirHost!

Looking Forward to the Evolution of Airhost One

Positive Aspects:
The best feature is the integration of the site controller and PMS, making it easier to manage reservations directly on our own site, which is a major advantage when starting out. The setup process is intuitive for the most part, and not overly complicated.

However, the manuals provided are quite vague and lacking in detail, leading to reliance on the support team. I was interested in One's ability to enhance the guest experience, but so far, I haven't seen much benefit. However, it seems promising for upselling and other sales opportunities, so I'm hopeful for its further development.

Areas for Improvement:
The manuals could be more detailed and clearer. The CRM functionality doesn't integrate well with guest information, which feels inconvenient. Having detailed guest information is crucial for facilities focused on customer service, as it helps encourage repeat business. I look forward to advancements in Airhost One's capabilities.Hospitality, Self-EmployedUsage Period: 1–5 months

Review Source: Airhost Reviews | Capterra

Thank you for your feedback.

We are already working on enhancing our manuals to provide more detailed explanations and clearer guidelines, with a revised version in preparation.

Furthermore, we're improving our CRM functionalities, including stronger integration with guest information and adding several new features such as automatic detection of repeat guests.

Airhost will continue to support your accommodation operations and contribute to improving guest experiences.

A Service Still Under Improvement

Experience Using the Product:
It integrates all aspects of hotel management in one platform.

Positive Points:
The cost is more affordable compared to other services, and there's no contract period, making it an excellent option for those looking to minimize initial investments.

Areas for Improvement:
Improvements in customer support and manuals are needed. New features are introduced without any manuals, and customer service is only available via email with slow responses.

Industry: Leisure, Travel, & Tourism, Company size: 11-50 employees
Usage Period Over a year

Review Source: Airhost Reviews | Capterra

We take your feedback seriously.

We're constantly striving to improve our service and increase customer satisfaction. Enhancing our customer support system and enriching our manuals are priorities, based on valuable feedback from our customers.

As part of this effort, we've strengthened our customer support, introducing targeted support through Zoom.

This allows us to offer more direct and faster support, not limited to email communication.

Additionally, we're continuously updating our manuals to address the lack of information on new features, ensuring they are more understandable and accessible.

Easy to Use

Positive Points:
It's user-friendly and incredibly convenient. I'm really grateful for the quick response to any questions I have.

Areas for Improvement:
I would appreciate it if it were easier to make inquiries over the phone.

Industry: Leisure, Travel, & Tourism, Company
size: 2-10 employeesUsage Period: 6-12 months

Review Source: Airhost Reviews | Capterra

We're deeply thankful for your positive feedback!

It brings us great joy to know you find AirHost easy to use and that our quick responses have been helpful.

Regarding your suggestion about phone inquiries, thank you for bringing this to our attention. The reason we currently do not offer phone support is to ensure we can accurately address issues with the aid of evidence (such as photos or videos).

Instead, we offer a short, free Zoom support session (and a longer, 1-hour session for the paid Zoom version) for your convenience. Rest assured, we are committed to continuously improving our support system to meet our customers' needs.

Real Feedback & Reactions

Next, we've gathered some reviews from facilities that have adopted our service:

The insights and feedback shared by our clients.

“Everything became easier with AirHost. Only AirHost system can help us distribute all the details to all different OTAs we are using.”
Hotel Fuji Pte. Ltd.

“Self check-in process without face-to-face between staffs and guests has been highly praised by our guests. Especially during the coronavirus period, guests felt very comfortable without having to meet face-to-face.”
PINN / owl Co., Ltd

“The deciding factor was that AirHost system can easily handle all the tasks necessary for hotel operation, from creating listings, creating booklets for guests, attracting customers, managing reservations and building systems.”
Hotel Sou

“Since the functions needed for front desk daily operations are integrated in AirHost PMS, one front desk staff also can respond to guests quickly. That was very helpful.”
Manga Art Hotel, Tokyo

For more case studies, Here's the introduces various facilities that have implemented AirHost.

And, Here are some real feedback we've received:

"We're impressed that we're not charged extra as we add more partners."

"Being able to coordinate messages with Airbnb and Booking.com is a great feature."

"Receiving cleaning tasks via email is very helpful."

"We appreciate the multilingual support for automated messages."

"Having a centralized message management system is incredibly convenient!"

"Early check-ins and late check-outs are clearly communicated, which is great!"

"Video chat has been a huge help!"

"The AI chatbot feature is very popular!"

"We're really making use of the custom menu! However, despite repeated reminders via messages, some guests still don't check it, which requires some creativity on our part."

"We used to use a different service, but we're coming back to AirHost because of its better UI and more comprehensive features."

"We were using another service, but couldn't send automated messages, so we were looking for another solution."

These are just a few examples of the positive feedback we've received.

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Why AirHost Has a Great Reputation

Why AirHost Has a Great Reputation

AirHost is chosen because it fulfills the "wouldn't it be great if we had this" wishlist of accommodation managers. AirHost simplifies:

  • The complexity of reservation management

  • The effort required for guest communication

  • The challenge of scheduling cleaning and maintenance

These are common operational hassles that AirHost makes easier.

For small hotels and vacation rentals, owners face numerous challenges...

It's not easy to improve guest satisfaction while also making operations more efficient.

AirHost provides a system that meets those specific "I wish we had this!" needs unique to accommodation services.

For more details on its features, please see the extended article:

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What is AirHost? An In-depth Explanation of Its Functions and Features by the Experts【Illustrated】

What are the difficulties of running a small hotel or vacation rental?

What's the issue for operating Minpaku and Small hote?

Let's explore the common issues faced by those managing small hotels or vacation rentals.

Here are four main difficulties:

  • Complicated management for OTA/reservation

  • Time-consuming guest communication

  • Managing cleaning schedules

  • Revenue management

Let's dive deeper.

1: Complicated managment for Reservation Management

Managing a small hotel or vacation rental means dealing with various OTAs, not knowing when bookings might come in.

Syncing rates and inventory across OTAs and keeping track of all reservations can be a daunting task. If not managed properly, you might end up with double bookings or missed reservations.

What's the solution?

It's crucial to have a system that monitors new bookings, changes, and cancellations in real-time and updates inventory information across all OTAs (Site Controller/Channel Manager).

2: Guest Communication

Handling guest communications requires prompt responses to check-in procedures, answering questions, and dealing with issues.

Language barriers can make this even more challenging.

Communication is key to ensuring guests have a comfortable stay, but misunderstandings can occur when language barriers are present, leading to time-consuming clarifications and potential errors.

How to make it easier?

Implementing a PMS with excellent automated messaging and message management capabilities can solve this.

Using automated messages ensures all guests receive necessary information without fail. Moreover, managing messages from all OTAs on one PMS page streamlines guest communication.

3: Managing Cleaning

Cleaning management can be surprisingly complex.

You have a limited time between guests checking out and the next ones checking in to clean the room.

The first hurdle is securing cleaners, especially in remote areas. The majority of reviews for lodging facilities are about cleaning quality. Finding a good cleaning company is the first step to a successful vacation rental operation.

The second hurdle is managing the daily cleaning schedule. Using a PMS for cleaning management automates the scheduling for cleaners, preventing oversights and potential negative reviews.

What's the solution?

Incorporating features for cleaning management would be beneficial.

Imagine how convenient it would be if you had a feature that automatically notifies cleaning staff to clean a room at a specific time and date.

4: Revenue Management and Optimization

Maximizing profitability requires effective pricing and promotions.

However, accurately understanding market trends and adapting flexibly is not straightforward.

Especially for small hotels or vacation rentals with limited resources, this can be a significant stressor for owners and staff.

What to do?

Using operation support tools like AirHost can effectively address these challenges and optimize operations.

Dynamic pricing automation is getting rave reviews lately.

Thanks to advancements in AI, the accuracy of pricing through dynamic pricing has improved significantly. It's worth considering for your operation.

Discover the secret to increasing guest satisfaction with AirHost.
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The Appeal of AirHost:

This is "AirHost"

AirHost stands out for four major reasons that perfectly align with what hoteliers and vacation rental operators wish for:

  • User-friendly and intuitive visuals

  • Full satisfaction for both guests and staff

  • Cost reduction through automation and staff reduction

  • Incredible revenue optimization

Let's break down how AirHost brings valuable benefits to hotel and vacation rental operators:

Ease of Use with Intuitive Interface

AirHost's system operates smoothly, much like using a smartphone app.

Its intuitive design means even first-timers will find themselves quickly adapting.

While starting anything new can seem daunting, with AirHost, you'll master the system in no time.

And if you do have questions, our comprehensive support is always ready to assist.

We've heard feedback like:

"I love AirHost's UI and want to come back from another system."
"I used a similar service but want to switch because it wasn’t as user-friendly, and it was hard for less tech-savvy staff."

Automation Equals Cost Savings

With AirHost, you can automate everything from reservation management to check-ins and check-outs, messaging, cleaning schedules, smart lock coordination, and payments.

This full use of AirHost's features can significantly reduce operational costs, including labor expenses.

Feedback we've received includes:

"Considering switching to AirHost due to limited smart lock options with our current system."

"Currently using a system that doesn’t support automatic messages to Airbnb. It's great that AirHost does and even supports Rakuten, which is very helpful!"

Boost Your Revenue

Even in fluctuating markets, AirHost ensures your property is always priced optimally, pushing your revenue higher. With features that allow easy setting of dynamic prices and revenue analysis, managing your pricing strategy becomes effortless.

For those struggling with the "180-day rule" and manual tracking, AirHost offers a solution that frees you from worries and enables smarter, more efficient management.

In essence, AirHost is equipped to elevate guest satisfaction while making management sleek and cost-effective. For a deeper dive into its functionalities, check out our detailed article:

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The Downsides & Cautions of Using AirHost

The Downsides & Cautions of Using AirHost

For those curious about the potential drawbacks of our tool, let’s honestly discuss some concerns you might have.

Is it hard to learn at first…?

You might think, "AirHost seems handy, but it looks complicated to operate." It’s true that initially, navigating a comprehensive management support tool like AirHost might seem daunting. You may wonder how to use it effectively to increase your revenue.

But, worry not!

AirHost prides itself on its intuitive design. After a brief period of use, you'll likely find yourself thinking, "Wow, this was much easier than I thought."

There's support for online initial setup, beginner-friendly online guides (including videos), and a robust support system to help you get started.

Concerned about monthly payments?

The idea of ongoing monthly costs might be off-putting for some.

Indeed, there is a monthly fee for using AirHost. (Annual payments are also an option and can even be more cost-effective.)

However, consider this cost as an investment in your business. If fully leveraging AirHost significantly boosts operational efficiency and, consequently, revenue, then it’s worth it.

Plus, the time you save can be invested in exploring new business opportunities. Essentially, the more wisely you use AirHost, the greater the benefits, potentially exceeding the cost of the monthly fees.

For more on pricing plans and payments, check out this detailed explanation:

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If you're wondering about the cost, please refer to our pricing page.

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Comparing AirHost with Other Services

Comparing AirHost with Other Services

While there are similar services available, "AirHost" and "Beds24" often come up in comparisons within the Japanese vacation rental market in Japan.

Here’s how they stack up in terms of features and the number of facilities implemented.

Company/Service Name



No. of Facilities


Smart check-in, automated messaging

Supports automated messaging to all domestic and international OTAs Smart check-in supported

580 companies, 6500 facilities


Automation and customization features

Multi-functional PMS, low cost yet highly functional

3390 facilities(2024.2.29)


Long-standing track record, multilingual & prepayment support

Provided by Tapp

Inquiry required


Three plan options, multifunctional

Suitable for inns, free trial available

Over 1600 facilities


Low cost, multifunctional

30-day free trial, multilingual support

Inquiry required


Easy operation, customizable

User-friendly and functional

Inquiry required

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In fact, many switch from other services to AirHost

As mentioned in the reputation section, thankfully, many are switching from other services to AirHost (we’re truly grateful!). This trend isn’t limited to those new to vacation rental or hotel management but also includes existing operators and those switching from management companies.

Reasons cited for the switch include:

*"I was using another service, but it couldn’t send automated messages, so I was looking for another site controller!"

  • *"I came back because AirHost has a better UI and it’s easier to use."
    "AirHost is feature-rich."

    *"They provide detailed support."


Ultimately, choosing AirHost can be a wise decision for vacation rental management.

The fact that many switch from other services to AirHost is telling. Additionally, to make daily operations even more convenient, we plan to release a mobile app by the summer of 2024, so stay tuned.

AirHost is a powerful tool designed to solve operational challenges faced by owners and provide guests with an excellent stay experience. Smart owners are fully utilizing AirHost to steer their businesses towards success.

To deeply understand all features of AirHost and their benefits, feel free to contact us. We’re here to support your first step towards success.

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