Automate everything with AirHost

Save time and effort with AirHost Automation Tools for managing your daily vacation rentals.

Automate everything with AirHost
Streamline guest communication with automated messages

Streamline guest communication with automated messages

Personalize your guest messages with customized templates

AirHost offers a variety of message templates that cover different scenarios, such as booking confirmations, pre-check-in messages, and check-out reminders. You can select a suitable template and create a customized message with dynamic placeholders for guest name, host name, check-in/out time, room number, and other relevant information based on your vacation rental operations. This enables you to tailor your messages to your guests' needs and provide a more personalized experience.

Keep guests informed every stage of their reservation

AirHost will automatically send your messages according to your time and trigger settings, improving staff work efficiency and enhancing your guest experience. You can change the sending time anytime, such as immediately send after reservation, 3 days before guest arrival or 1 day before check-out. This can help to streamline your communication with guests and ensure that they receive the information they need at the right time.

Keep track your cleaning task with automated notifications

AirHost provides a seamless workflow for hosts and cleaners. Cleaning tasks can be generated and assigned based on guests' reservations, and task statuses can be automatically updated if reservations change. Once a guest checks out, your cleaner will receive a notification via email. By using AirHost, you can easily manage your workload, track progress, and save time communicating with your cleaners.

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Keep track your cleaning task with automated notifications
Take Care of Your Payment Collection

Take Care of Your Payment Collection

Save time with automated payment processing

AirHost helps to streamline and automate the guest payment process, ensuring that your guests are always charged correctly. Our automated payment processing system allow you to easily manage and view all payment transactions in one convenient dashboard. This includes transactions made with a variety of payment methods, such as cash, credit cards, deposit cards, and more.

Protect your revenue with cancellation policy setting

With AirHost, you can customize cancellation policies and payments for different channels, ensuring that your business is always running smoothly. Guest payments are automatically charged based on the cancellation policy setting, so you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about no-show bookings.

Control Room Access Remotely with Smart Lock Integration

Easily manage all of your smart locks from one place

Integrate with popular smart lock brands including RemoteLock, KEYVOX, Keycafe, KEY STATION, and ASSA ABLOY. You can manage all your smart lock accounts in one place with AirHost - no longer have to manage multiple accounts.

Automate key management to keep track of all your access

With the seamless integration of AirHost PMS, vacation rental managers can automate the key management process by automatically issuing and updating room keycards or PIN codes based on reservations. This makes it easy to keep track of who has access to properties and when, ensuring greater security for both guests and hosts.

Make guest check-in smoother with keyless entry

AirHost enables you to provide a keyless entry experience to your guests, without the need for face-to-face interaction. This is perfect for unmanned operations and creates a seamless, contactless check-in process.

Control Room Access Remotely with Smart Lock Integration

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Have Questions?

How does smart lock integration work?

Smart lock integration allows hosts to manage their properties remotely, using a variety of smart lock devices. This can include features such as keyless entry, automated check-in and check-out, and remote access management.

What are the benefits of using automated payment collection?

Automated payment collection simplifies the payment process for vacation rental hosts, saving time and reducing errors. It also improves the guest experience by offering a seamless payment experience.

What are automated messages?

Automated messages are pre-written messages that can be automatically sent to guests at different stages of their stay, such as before and after check-in. These messages can include information about the property, local attractions, and other relevant details

What is cleaner notification?

Cleaner notification is a feature that allows hosts to automatically notify their cleaning staff of upcoming cleaning tasks. This can help ensure that cleaning tasks are completed on time and that guests are satisfied with the cleanliness of the property.

How can automated messages improve the guest experience?

Automated messages can inform guests and make them feel prepared for their stay. This helps guests feel more comfortable and confident about their travel plans. It also streamlines communication between hosts and guests, reducing the time and effort needed to manage guest inquiries.

How can AirHost help vacation rental hosts to automate their processes?

AirHost provides vacation rental hosts with a variety of automation tools to to simplify running their business. Whether it's automated messaging, cleaner notification, smart lock technology or payment collection; AirHost enables full automation and streamlines operations, freeing up more time for hosts to provide exceptional service to guests.

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