Take control of your Vacation Rental's Rates with AirHost Channel Manager

Save time and maximize revenues with auto synchronization across all OTA channels.

Take control of your Vacation Rental's Rates with AirHost Channel Manager
Maximize your vacation rental business potential

Maximize your vacation rental business potential

Speedy Synchronization

AirHost Channel Manager allows you to sync all your booking information from different OTAs effortlessly and speedily. This ensures that room availability updates are reflected on the other OTAs and that your reservation information is always up-to-date, so you can avoid any double bookings.

Easily setting different prices to different OTA

AirHost Channel Manager makes it easy to sync all your booking information from different OTAs with just a few clicks. Our platform enables you to set different room rates across different OTAs with great flexibility and ease, all through a single dashboard. With our price mark-up and mark-down settings, you can easily adjust the base price of your room and maximize your profits.

List your sub-units on OTAs with ease and flexibility

List your sub-units on OTAs with ease and flexibility

For vacation rentals with multiple units in the same property, AirHost Channel Manager enables you to list these sub-units on OTAs with great flexibility and ease.

For example, you have 1x one-bedroom unit and 1x two-bedroom unit. With our cross-listing feature, you can list them as either 1-bed, 2-bedroom, or 3-bedroom listing on different OTAs.

AirHost syncs the information to all your connected channels without manually updating and double-bookings.

Easily manage multiple units without any hassle

Easily manage multiple units without any hassle

AirHost Channel Manager enables you to manage multiple units with the same room type in one property, just like hotels manage their rooms. This feature gives you an increased visibility level on OTAs, allowing you to assign guests more quickly and easily. Furthermore, with this multi-unit support, it's a breeze to keep track of all the different units, so you can ensure that you're always running at an optimal level.

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Maximize your revenues and save time with our powerful tools

AirHost is dedicated to enhancing your vacation rental management experience. We provide a variety of features to make it easier and more efficient.

iCal Integrations

For booking channels that don’t provide API integrations, you can connect them to AirHost channel manager via iCal integration. This allows you to display calendar data and room availability from external channels.

Advanced OTA Rate Management

Turnover Day, LOS (Length of Stay), Maximum - Minimum Stay, Last Minute Booking, and Early Bird Booking etc. advanced features enable you to provide more competitive pricing offers to guests and boost revenues.

Deep Integration with OTA

AirHost Channel Manager is equipped with deep integration with OTAs including Content Management, Opportunity, and Message APIs. This integration ensures seamless communication between the platform and OTAs, resulting in a smooth and efficient workflow.

Third-party Channel Managers

AirHost Channel Manager enables seamless integration with a variety of third-party channel managers, such as Neppan, Temairazu, Rakutsu, and more. No need to worry about any business disruptions from switching systems.

AirHost channel and distribution

Reach out to more guests with full integration to our official API Partners and various third-party channels upon requests.

Have Questions?

Why should you use a Channel Manager?

Every vacation rental owner needs a Channel Manager. It's essential for managing bookings, optimizing rates, and keeping track of inventory across multiple OTA channels. This helps you maximize your revenue and streamline your operations.

What information can I synchronize with AirHost channel management?

AirHost channel manager allows vacation rental owners to synchronize information such as reservations, guest details, pricing, room availability, seasonal rates, and more.

How do iCal integrations work?

iCal connections work by using a web address for the availability calendar. Any external channel that connects via iCal can access this URL and regularly check availability. All the reservations imported from iCalendar will be shown as Blocked Reservations.

What is Sub-Unit/cross-listing (Connected Room)?

The way it works is the following: A guest books the entire house and AirHost blocks the sub-units. If a sub-unit is booked, the entire listing is blocked but the remaining sub-units remain bookable.

Do you sync via XML/API or iCalendar?

We use API to connect to most of our OTA partners, such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, Agoda, Expedia etc.

How long does it take to update my external bookings on AirHost?

Your reservations will be automatically synchronized on AirHost channel manager and all your external listings within minutes.

Is AirHost official Partner of Airbnb, Booking.com?

Yes we are the preferred software partner for Airbnb and the premier partner for Booking.com.

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