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Transform Guest Experience with AirHost ONE

The Comprehensive Solution for All Your Guest Experiences

AirHost ONE is an all-in-one guest experience product that includes contactless check-in and check-out, pre check-in, payment processing, upselling, and CRM. It enables you to provide your guests with a seamless and stress-free experience.

Streamlined Check-In

Guests can easily check in via website, tablet, or mobile device, which reduces wait times and increases guest satisfaction.

Personalized Experience

From welcome messages to in-room amenities, you can customize the guest experience to meet each guest's unique needs.

Easy Communication

With AirHost ONE, you can easily manage all guest communication in one place, from pre-arrival to post-departure.

Powerful Automation

AirHost ONE automates time-consuming tasks, freeing up your time to focus on what really matters – delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Smart Check-in & Check-out

Smart Check-in & Check-out

Contactless check-in and check-out features are perfect for unmanned operation. These features enable you to provide a smooth self check-in experience for your guests, streamline your front desk operations, and enhance guest experience from the first impression.

Smart Check-in & Check-out
Pre Check-in

Approach guests before arrival with a pre-check-in form link to collect the required information in advance - saving time for both your front desk staff and guests.

Smart Check-in & Check-out
Online Check-ins

You can guide guests to complete the online check-in and check-out process through the web, app, or tablet. This reduces front desk congestion and provides relief for your staff.

Smart Check-in & Check-out
AI Identity Verification

Use facial recognition technology to automatically match passport photos with guests' faces to verify their identity. Particularly helpful for outbound guests.

Smart Check-in & Check-out
Local Arrival Authentication

Verification and fraud detection are available through GPS or WiFi (App only) after guests’ arrival which can enable you manage the check-in process remotely.

Smart Check-in & Check-out
Remote Keyless Entry

With loT smart lock integration, guests can check in without meeting with your staff and enter rooms without key cards, providing a higher level of convenience and security.

Smart Check-in & Check-out
Auto Payment Processing

Guests can easily check out of your hotel without face-to-face reception by various payment collection, such as cash payment machine and online payment with credit card.

Digitalize Hotel Directory for Your Own

Digitalize Hotel Directory for Your Own

Free your staff from paper guides and enhance your guests’ experience by providing them with easy access to all essential informations for the stay on their phones. Make full use of our customized features to provide a unique and personalized experience.

  • With our hotel directory, you can create a customized menu for your hotel services, amenities, and other offerings.
  • All the information can be seen on one unified interface, making it easy for guests to find what they need.
  • Fully customized to fit your brand. You can add logos, homepage banners, images, and more to make it your own.
Streamline Guest Communication With One Inbox

Streamline Guest Communication With One Inbox

AirHost ONE provides one unified inbox to help your staff automate communication and create a personalized two-way texting throughout guest’s stay.

  • Keep organized and easily communicate with guests.
  • Create personalized auto-replies to make guests feel special.
  • Send messages automatically in response to confirmation emails, inquiries, and requests.

Increase Revenue & Enhance Guest Satisfaction During Stay

Upsell Room Service

Hotels can install QR codes and tablets in hotel rooms or restaurant tables, allowing guests to use their smartphones or the tablets to request room service or make additional meal orders. Also, hotels can offer optional services such as gift shop purchases or room upgrades to increase revenue during a guest’s stay. These services can be paid for with room fees.

Reservation & Rental

Schedule reservations for various services are possible, such as meals, rentals, spa, tour and private hot springs reservations, as well as information about sightseeing and other lodging activities.

Increase Revenue & Enhance Guest Satisfaction During Stay

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Unlock the future of hospitality and Upgrade your guest experience!

With our smart hotel technology, AirHost ONE provides a seamless experience from the moment your guests book their stay to the time they check out. Our platform is designed to help you manage your operations with ease, allowing you to focus on providing the best possible service to your guests.


With our easy-to-use CRM functions, you can easily keep all your guest information in one place - even if you have multiple properties.

PMS Integration

Integrate with your PMS for real-time check-in management. We support PMS like Opera, Shinnan, TAP, and can add more upon request.

Guest management

We strongly support stable operation using AirHost ONE, such as guest communication, front desk work, settlement information, etc.

Free Up Your Time with Seamlessly Integration

AirHost ONE seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, including property management systems(PMS), channel managers, and IoT smart locks to streamline your front desk processes and minimize manual tasks.

Free Up Your Time with Seamlessly Integration

AirHost ONE Pricing

Contactless Checkin Solution + POS Upselling

Volume discount available. Please contact us for more details. (40 rooms and above)

  • Pre-Checkin
  • Pre-Checkin
  • Tablet check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Identity verification (Photo)
  • Personalise checkin page
  • Promotional banner
  • Upselling to guest
  • Pre-Checkin
  • Tablet check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Identity verification (Photo)
  • Personalise checkin page
  • Promotional banner
  • Upselling to guest
  • Identity verification (AI authentication)
  • POS function for hotel or non hotel guests
  • CRM

Customer Reviews

Check out how satisfied our customers about AirHost.

"Self check-in process without face-to-face between staffs and guests has been highly praised by our guests. Especially during the coronavirus period, guests felt very comfortable without having to meet face-to-face."

- PINN / owl Co., Ltd

"Also thanks to AirHost ONE Check-in system, not only the good reviews about accommodation but also the one about our check-in have been increased, and guests commented that “Check-in was so easy."

- ALL Fortune Partners (AFP)

"Although we do face-to-face check-in, guest information can be sent via pre check-in from AirHost before guests arrive and check-in. This has helped make the check-in process much more efficient and smoother."


"Since the coronavirus pandemic, unmanned and contactless solution is beneficial to both staff and guests. Some guests say that check-in can be completed on a tablet which is “high-tech” and “awesome."

- Namba Ebi Hotel / Toys Court Tenka Chaya

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Have Questions?

What is AirHost ONE?

AirHost ONE is an all-in-one product that offers contactless guest check-in and check-out, streamlines guest communication with a unified inbox, and provides solutions for payment processing, upselling, and self-ordering in restaurants and room service. It also integrates with IoT smart locks for keyless room entry, and includes an easy-to-use CRM function for managing guest information across multiple properties.

What are the advantages of using AirHost ONE?

AirHost ONE - self check-in system gives your guests the flexibility and freedom to check in on their own. They no longer have to wait in long lines at your front desk upon arrival. Additionally, mobile check-in reduces your staffing needs and frees up the team to focus on operation tasks that have more time on the guest experience.

How can my guests check in with AirHost ONE?

In order to complete the hotel check-in process, the guest have to complete following steps: 1. Prior to arrival, your guests will have to fill out the check-in form online. 2. When your guests arrive at the hotel, they will complete check-in process via QR code or Tablet (Photo taking etc). 3. Room number and PIN Code will be sent to the guests.

What Smart Lock is supported?

We are integrated with RemoteLock, KEYSTATION, Keycafe Smartbox, KEYVOX, ASSA ABLOY. If you have a preferred smart lock provider you wish to work with, we are able to do the integration with them, please contact AirHost team.

What is AirHost Payment Gateway?

AirHost has integrated with Stripe, a well-known payment processing system, for secure and easy payment collections of all charges, based on your company's policies.

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