Easy-to-use Automation Tool for Vacation Rental Owners

Grow your vacation rental business, streamline operations and improve guest experience with our All-in-One system.

Easy-to-use Automation Tool for Vacation Rental Owners
Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated inventory management

Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated inventory management

Simplify your listing management with AirHost Channel Manager that helps you scale. With seamless integration with 15+ major OTAs like Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, Google, and more, you can easily synchronize your inventory, rates, and discounts across all channels just in one place.

Increase your property visibility and maximize revenue by listing on all booking channels you want, reaching out more guests globally.

  • Award-winning channel manager partner
  • Manage all your external listings in one central platform - without manually updating one by one.
  • Reach more guests on 15+ major OTA channels to get more bookings and revenue.

Never miss a message again: Communicate with all guests from one single unified inbox

AirHost provides unified inbox to make guest communication easier and more efficient, allowing you to receive and respond to guest inquiries from all channels(OTAs and direct reservation) in one place. No need to log into multiple platforms or multiple communication channels.

With 10 types of message templates that cover different scenarios and dynamic placeholders, you can automate message sending as soon as guest message arrives, enabling faster and more relevant responses.

  • Multilingual support(English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean)
  • Sending trigger set up
  • Message template support
  • Batch message sending
Fully take control of all your bookings from a single calendar

Fully take control of all your bookings from a single calendar

AirHost’s user-friendly booking calendar offers the convenience of managing all your bookings, whether they come from your own booking website or external channels, from one central dashboard. Without having to view each of your listings separately, you can save an enormous amount of effort and embrace streamlined daily operations for enhanced efficiency.

Also it automatically optimizes room assignments and allows for manual adjustments. You can rely on the system to efficiently assign rooms based on various factors. If you prefer manual control, you have the flexibility to manually operate and adjust specific reservations.

  • Reservation status is identifiable by difference colors
  • Easy placement just through drag and drop
  • Room fixation and blocking functions

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Automated check-in drives guest satisfaction whiles saving your time

AirHost technologies facilitate contactless check-in for a smooth guest stay start to finish. Property owners gain flexibility knowing guests smoothly access accommodations from booking onwards. The personalized yet automated check-in process AirHost provides result in satisfied guests and hassle-free property management for busy vacation rental owners.

Seamlessly verify guests using our AI-powered identity verification, ensuring security while eliminating the need for manual checks.

Keyless entry enable guests to access the property conveniently at their own pace without the necessity of a physical key handover.

  • Contactless Self Check-in
  • Identity Verification by AI or Video
  • Keyless Entry
  • Auto Payment Collection
Easily keep track of your property revenue

Easily keep track of your property revenue

With AirHost reports features, you can efficiently track your finances, analyze property performance, and generate comprehensive reports, all in one place. Streamline your financial management and gain valuable insights into your vacation rental business operations.

No more need to download financial statements from multiple platforms - we've got you covered. Our integrated system seamlessly pulls data from all connected sources, providing you with a centralized hub for easy financial management and analysis.

Simplify your vacation rental management with streamlined cleaning management solution

Take the hassle out of cleaning management and eliminate the need for cleaning tasks by yourself. AirHost streamlines the process of assigning and managing cleaning tasks by automatically generating tasks based on guests' reservations. This ensures a seamless workflow between you and your cleaners.

Grant system access to outsourcing companies to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to cleaning tasks. Additionally, with our cleaner accounting feature you can easily pull out cleaner bills for outsourcing companies.

  • Cleaning calendar
  • Outsourcing management
  • Automatic schedule notification
  • Stay/eco cleaning management

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