Property management system

The system that maximizes productivity!

◎ Best solution for remote management and increase productivitiy

◎ Automate all your operation work

◎ All-in-one from reservation to check-out

Auto Message / Centralized Management

10 types of automatic message sending can be set according to your operation. Messages from guests of each OTA and direct reservation can be managed in one place.

  • Multilingual support
  • Setting variable tags
  • Message batch management
  • Stereotype management
  • Batch message sending

Reservation Management

Automatically optimizes room assignments. Manual operation and fixing of specific reservations is also possible. It is also possible to set the 'Do not move past x days before check-in' setting to suit your operation.

  • Room assignment calendar
  • Automatic room assignment optimization
  • Connecting rooms available
  • Room fixation and blocking functions

Payment Gateway

Automate authorization and payment from or your own website with automatic integration with payment services.

  • Stripe integration
  • Automatic authorization and payment execution
  • Automatic no show report

Smart Lock Integration

API connection with many vendors such as smart locks and Bluetooth keys. We can fully automate the delivery of high-security keys according to the length of stay.

  • Automatic PIN issuance and renewal
  • Automatic notification to guests

Check-in & Check-out Management

Better communication between employees and managers, keeping the team on the same page for guest management and focus on the hospitality.

  • Check-in management list
  • Booking detail display
  • Centralized message inbox
  • Auto messages to notify upon check-in & check-out

Sales Reporting System

Able to visualize your sales data, providing a comprehensive view of the overall productivity of your business, making future planning possible.

  • Monthly income and expenditure
  • Occupancy rate per property
  • Revenue report per OTAs
  • Statistic data per market

Cleaning Management

Daily cleaning tasks at glance that effectively improves service efficiency and reduce paperwork.

  • Cleaning calendar
  • Janitorial/Contractor management
  • Automatic schedule notification
  • Stay/eco cleaning management

Multiple Property Management

There is no need to manage multiple properties in different accounts anymore. With one account, you can easily manage all your properties in one place.

  • One account management for multiple properties
  • User creation and privilege management
  • Multi-lingual and currency support

Can be connected to other companies' channel managers

Even if you want to sell with OTA that AirHost does not support, you can manage it collectively by interconnecting with other companies' channel managers.

Since the automatic payment function is used, only can be directly connected, and other OTAs can use other companies' channel managers. Depending on the function used, only some OTAs can be connected.

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