Contactless checkin

A contactless hotel solution to deliver optimal guest experiences from check-in to check-out. Efficiently manages bookings, seamless contactless hotel check-in processes, safe and secure payment processing, Upsell & CRM.

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Supported PMS : Opera / Assist / AirHost HMS

Airhost One

AirHost smart hotel technology

Endless possibilities to create one pleasant stay

Multiple platform support

You can use it in web browser, or any mobile device

Improve guest satisfaction

Accelerate digital transformation, realise new era of hospitality such as check-in

Increase revenue

Upsell services other than accommodation to your guests

Contactless guest check-in

Fully contactless hotel checkin solution to ease guest operation. Easy to use with one click. We provide total support from pre-check-in to reduce the burden on guests on site, to identity verification after arrival, payment, room, and key information.

  • Web browser / Android / iOS application compatible
  • Advance check-in
  • Paperless guest registry
  • Immediately call a reservation with QR
  • Local arrival authentication (GPS / WiFi)
  • Identity verification (face photo / video chat / AI identity verification) ・ Sign function
  • Check-out / payment function

Payment settlement and IOT locks support

Keys and payments can be handed over in various ways according to the operation. Issuance of PIN code for IoT smart lock. A 1 second experience card key is issued locally just by holding the QR code. Flexible support for cash payments with a multifunctional payment machine.

  • Credit card / QR code payment
  • Security deposit management
  • Various payment methods
  • IoT smart lock cooperation
  • Card key cooperation
  • Cash payment machine cooperation

Customize menu

The guest's information you want now is collected in the main menu. URL / PDF display method can also be selected

  • In-house content
  • Tourist information around the area
  • Information in the hall


Increased guest unit price by selling room service and various optional services. It also supports room payment.

  • Room service
  • Shop / gift shop
  • Restaurant order
  • Room upgrade
  • Early check-in / Late check-out

Guest reservation & rental service

Schedule reservations for various services are possible. It is also useful for managing the number of people that can be accommodated in a time frame, and avoids close contact between guests in advance. Also supports sending requests.

  • Meal time
  • Taxi / airport transfer time
  • Usage time of reserved hot spring
  • Usage time of rental equipment
  • Spa reservation

Guest communication

Respond quickly to inquiries from guests at any time by various means of contact. It can also be switched on and off.

  • Telephone
  • Message [Chat / Email / SMS / SNS related]

CRM – Promotions

From before the trip to the return, we will connect directly with the guest and thoroughly manage customers, and with the promotion function based on customer information, we will accelerate strategic sales for travel and accommodation experiences tailored to each guest's interests. Let me.

  • Membership
  • Point management
  • Promotion
  • Targeting advertising

Guest management

We strongly support stable operation using AirHost ONE, such as daily communication with guests, front desk work, settlement information, etc.

  • Guest communication
  • Guest order management
  • Payment management
  • Reporting

System integrations

System provides full automate daily routine work from booking to check-out to support for hospitality management, either to remotely manage properties or to increase the productivity of hotel staff.

  • Best solution for remote management and increase productivity
  • Automate all your operation work
  • All-in-one from reservation to check-out