One Centralized Platform for Multiple Property Management

Maximize efficiency and Scale your business effortlessly with AirHost's advanced features.

One Centralized Platform for Multiple Property Management

Streamline and serve dedicated guest inquiries with unified inbox

  • Message Lock

    AirHost system enables multiple staffs to use the same inbox. With the advanced inbox features, you can easily lock the guest inquiries you are handling, ensuring no one is simultaneously working on the same inquiry. This allows for a one-to-one correspondence and creates a dedicated customer service for guests.

  • Internal Memo

    With internal memo feature, you can leave internal messages below guest inquires to pass handover memos and internal team communication, enhancing the overall customer service experience.

Manage all your bookings from all properties in one place

Maximize the potential of your vacation rental portfolio. AirHost multi-calendar allows you to centrally list and organize all available units, enabling flexible allocation of bookings across multiple properties. This optimized calendar management helps ensure high occupancy by seamlessly reassigning reservations to open units. You can boost revenues by fully utilizing your rental inventory through one integrated system.

  • Reservation status is identifiable by difference colors
  • Easy placement just through drag and drop
  • Automatic room assignment optimization
  • Connecting rooms available
  • Room fixation and blocking functions
Manage all your bookings from all properties in one place

Keep track of all your cleaning status from all cleaners

AirHost streamlines operations for property managers, cleaners and guests. The system intelligently generates cleaning tasks based on reservation dates and statuses. Task assignments to cleaners automatically adjust if bookings update, reducing unnecessary work. Cleaners receive timely email notifications as guests check-out so units can be prepped for upcoming arrivals.

Property managers save time overseeing cleaning workflow. They can monitor progress from a central dashboard instead of coordinating communication between parties. This efficient, automated process keeps listings clean and ready for new guests while keeping cleaners and owners well-informed every step of the way.

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Keep property owners stay on top of property performance

AirHost provides property owners with a full suite of accounting solutions to help manage their finances. Owners can digitally configure commission rates, payment schedules and more for rental contacts. This gives owners visibility into revenue streams with reporting that tracks business performance over time, empowering well-informed strategic planning to profitably scale their vacation rental business.

All help property manager and property owners to spend less time on back-office tasks and focus more on vacation rental business growth.

Easily access property-level performance insights

Easily access property-level performance insights

Gain insightful property-level performance analytics with AirHost's comprehensive reporting tools. Generate operational and financial reports for each individual property directly in the system.

Track key metrics like RevPAR, occupancy rates and labor costs across all your properties from centralized dashboards. Dive into granular transactional data to analyze trends and compare properties.

Access real-time or historical operational and financial details for each property from any booking channels. This property-level visibility empowers you to identify high and low performers, standardize operations, and drive optimized performance across your account.

Stay fully informed of all property activities with audit trails

AirHost system record every transaction, status change, user login, and system update in detailed, timestamped logs. Property managers can easily access complete histories to understand trends, identify issues, and ensure standards are being followed.

Having one centralized location to view all property activities from check-ins to repairs keeps you in the know. AirHost eliminates guesswork and simplifies compliance with robust logging that protects your business.

  • Nightly logs capture financial settlements after checkouts.
  • Transaction trails record edits to bookings, payments and inventory with user and date details.
  • System logs document changes to settings, permissions and integrations.
Easily control account access with permission-based roles

Easily control account access with permission-based roles

Implement tailored access permissions for different user roles to allow appropriate access to required systems and information.

For example, provide operations staff with access to maintenance logs and work order management tools. Give property managers visibility into occupancy rates, resident details, and financial reports. Limit cleaners' access primarily to room assignments and cleaning supply inventory.

By stratifying access in this targeted way, team members can efficiently perform their duties while maintaining security and privacy controls.

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