Take the Stress Out of Vacation Rentals Management with AirHost PMS

Manage your Reservations, Communications, Tasks and Revenues with ease.

Take the Stress Out of Vacation Rentals Management with AirHost PMS
Streamline Your Communications

Streamline Your Communications

Unified Inbox for Guest Communications

Our Unified Inbox makes vacation rental management easier and more efficient, allowing you to receive and respond to guest inquiries from all channels in one place. This saves time and effort and makes staying on top of your communication with guests easier.

Templates & Short codes

Quickly respond to guests through our smart short code; in addition, keep your content professional and consistent with our multi-lingual reply templates.

Message Lock & Internal Memo

Lock guest inquiries before you reply to ensure no one is simultaneously working on the same inquiry. Use our internal memo feature to pass handover memos and internal discussions to boost internal team communication.

Transform the way you manage cleaning

Transform the way you manage cleaning

Our automated system creates and assigns tasks based on guests' reservations, creating a seamless workflow between yourself and cleaners.

Plus, our system allows for customization of daily or checkout-only cleanings to meet guest preferences while streamlining workloads communication - all in one simple platform!

Whether outsourced or handled by an in-house staff member, our cleaner accounting feature makes managing cleaner bills easier.

Visualize Your Business Performance

Visualize Your Business Performance

Stay on top of your vacation rental business with visualized reports that comprehensively overview your business's performance. AirHost helps you better plan for the future with insights into your bookings, customer trends, and more. With these reports, you can identify opportunities and make informed decisions to improve your vacation rental business.

  • Transaction report
  • Daily financial report
  • Channel report
  • Occupancy report

Professional Accounting Management for Property Owners

Owner Portal & Owner Statement

AirHost offers a comprehensive range of accounting management tools to help property owners stay on top of their finances. You can manage vacation rental management contacts online with commission charges, settlement periods and more. This ensures that owners are kept updated on their revenue growth, giving them an overview of their progress with the vacation rental business.

Cleaning Portal & Cleaner Bills

AirHost’s Cleaning Portal makes managing your cleaning tasks easy and stress-free. You can quickly set up which properties are outsourcing their cleaning services and how much they are being charged. Plus, all cleaning bills, contracts, and tasks are kept organized in one convenient place for easy access.

Professional Accounting Management for Property Owners

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Maximize your revenues and save time with our powerful tools

AirHost is dedicated to enhancing your vacation rental management experience. We provide a variety of features to make it easier and more efficient.

User Management

Tailor user access permissions to different team members such as operations staff, property managers, and cleaners to ensure they have the right level of access to necessary resources.


Keep you updated on new reservations by setting up notifications via email or browser message. You can also customize notifications for booking events, POS orders, and OTA orders.

Security Charges to Guest

You can choose to require a deposit from guests if you're concerned about potential property damage. AirHost PMS can automatically collect the security deposit to safeguard your property.

Audit Trails

AirHost tracks and stores all activities at your property in the logs, keeping you up to date on every detail. We offer audit trails features such as night audit, transaction audit trails, and more.

Have Questions?

What are the advantages of a Property Management System for vacation rentals?

A vacation rental PMS allows you to centralize your availability calendars, reservations, guest communications, tasks, and reports. It's an efficient way to manage all aspects of your vacation rental business.

What messages will I receive in my unified inbox?

AirHost’s message inbox allows you to receive messages coming from any OTA that you have connected to your website via API. The OTAs available for such connection are Airbnb, Agoda, Booking.com, HomeAway, VacationStay, Expedia, Rakuten Travel, Temairazu, Trip.com, HostelWorld, etc.

How fast is the synchronization of messages?

Synchronization is instant, so there's no need to worry about lagging responses. All replies will be sent automatically to your guests, regardless of the platform they used to send the message.

Dose AirHost PMS have multilingual support?

Yes, currently we have English, Japanese and Chinese. (For other languages, please contact AirHost Team)

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