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AirHost provides cloud-based hospitality management solutions for hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals to streamline operations, enhance communication, and improve guest experience. Our product suite includes AirHost ONE Contactless Check-in, an All-in-One Hospitality Management System with channel manager, property management system (PMS), booking engine, payment solution, and IoT smart lock integration. We are committed to drive digital transformation in the hospitality industry and aspire to become a global leader.
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Our Values

Unique Idea
We value open communication of ideas and put them into action promptly.
We take pride in our work as professionals and continually hone our skills.
We value fast feedback to solve problems from the user's perspective.
One Team
With respect for others, we commit to team results through open sharing of information.
Life Driven
We strive for work-life balance and flexibility to maximize performance.
Technology First
We keep pace with tech trends and never compromise on service or product quality.

Our Leaders

We grow together with our clients
Takashi, Obatake
It's a lot of fun to think and design the software solution for clients.
Ziwei Zhou
I like things to be done in a specific way, and always want to change and make things better. I guess it is that perfectionist DNA made me want to make a better product and solution...
Kenichi Izawa
We are selling the system with a desire to change the old Japanese travel industry and to please new hoteliers.

Our Culture

  • We value teamwork and collaboration.
  • We support each other and work well together to achieve common goals.
  • We put the interests of the group above individual interests.
  • We foster an environment of transparency.
  • We communicate openly and honestly.
  • We welcome diverse ideas, feedback and perspectives.
  • We set ambitious but achievable goals.
  • We continuously improve and innovate to succeed.
  • We celebrate our successes along the way.
  • We embrace a growth mindset.
  • We are life-long learners who seek knowledge constantly.
  • We actively gather feedback to improve ourselves and the company.

Company History

Property Management Company Established
AirHost Pte. Ltd. was founded by 3 chaps who wished to have a better way of managing their own rental properties in Tokyo area.
In the beginning, Takashi and Kenichi would manage all cleaning crews and guest relations; while Ziwei would handle the technical process of reservations, improved of guest communications, and scheduling of tasks. Manual work started piling up and there were no suitable platform at that time to fit their needs. They decided to build their own platform and automate the mundane manual tasks.
Soon after, other Airbnb hosts learned about the AirHost system. They realized the system would help them to manage their properties better. AirHost was willing to assist with the foreign guest communications by setting up a support team in the Philippines to ease up the burden. More AirBnB hosts has join AirHost PMS since then.
Managed more than 300 properties
Up until 2017, the co-founders were pleased to be serving more than 300 properties in the Metro area. As the needs and demands grew larger, Our visionary co-founders started to design a better version of the PMS solution. From merely managing PMS and Channel Manager, AirHost started looking into integration with IoT Smart Locks and payment processing solution. This upgrade further strengthen the system, fits the bill for small/mid-sized hotels.
Japan Minpaku Law Change & Released of AirHost HMS
A new Minpaku law went into effect on June 15, 2018, regulating short-term stays for privately owned properties. Due to the complicated process of becoming a registered Minpaku host, we had lost 90% of our customers.
Right before the Minpaku Law change was announced, the AirHost upgraded system has already attracted hotels from other prefectures. From a PMS + CMS system to a full fledge Hospitality Management System (HMS), AirHost team continue to serve the hospitality sector in the whole of Japan.
AirHost expanded market to ASEAN region and Singapore HQ started recruiting talents.
Managed more than 6K+ properties
The company has formed dynamic and diverse supporting team members from Japan, Singapore, China, Philippines and Vietnam. At this point, we served more than 6,000 properties. Our goal is to provide our services to customers with like visions.
Our Team & Management System Strive for Excellence
The year 2020 is perhaps a challenging one, not only for AirHost but for the hospitality industry as a whole. However, we are glad that our Contactless solutions could support our clients efficiently during this COVID-19 period.
Our team worked harder than before, giving our best to serve our customers in this challenging time. We were honored to be awarded as Connectivity Premier Partner from Booking.com for 2 consecutive years. We pledge to always be there for our customers and support them with their businesses.
16000+ Rooms Installations Achieved
This year has been a great success for our company, with over 16,000 room installations and recognition as the only Preferred+ Connectivity Partner in Japan by both Airbnb and Expedia. Our innovative contactless hotel solution, AirHost ONE, was also chosen as the winner of the X-Tech Competition in the Hokkaido region. We're excited to announce that we have expanded our market to Southeast Asia as well.
EVA-Ready from Singapore Tourism Board
We have implemented facial recognition technology to automate international guest immigration and checkpoints. As a result of our integration capability with the EVA system and fully contactless check-in solutions, we have been identified as EVA-Ready by STB. We're proud to be at the forefront of the hospitality industry and look forward to continuing to innovate and improve the guest experience.

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