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AirHost is dedicated to providing all the solutions you need to manage your hospitality business in a smart way. Each product stands on its own. Choose one or all to get the best fit for maximum operational efficiency.

Guest Experience Management Software

AirHost ONE is an all-in-one product that provides contactless guest check-in and check-out, guest communication with a unified inbox, payment processing, upselling, and self-ordering in restaurants and room service. It also integrates with IoT smart locks for keyless entry, and includes an easy-to-use CRM function for managing guest information across multiple properties.

Vacation Rental Management Software

AirHost combines Property Management System, Channel Manager as well as Booking Engine into one package which help property owners to streamline their day-to-day operations. Whether you have one property or hundreds of them to manage, you can manage them all with ease.



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With AirHost property management solutions and services, you can save time, streamline operations and focus on the things that matter most to you.

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We support English, Japanese, and Chinese languages, making it easy and worry-free to welcome inbound guests.

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Our cloud-based system is trusted by companies of all sizes and has received high praise from industry experts.

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Our support team is always available to quickly address any requests and assist with setup and transition from the start.

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Latest case studies that show how our clients use AirHost products to improve their operation efficient and hospitality business.

Hotel Fuji

Transition from traditional management to modern technology hotel management

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Integrate all your channels and products to help your business grow

Expand the capabilities of AirHost by fully integrating with industry-leading partners from OTAs, smart locks, payment collection and other PMS.

Customer Reviews

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"AirHost has several automated functions, such as room allocation and automated messaging, that can operate without human intervention. These functions have resulted in a 30% reduction in staff working hours."

- UBIQS Co., Ltd.

"Although we do face-to-face check-in, guest information can be sent via pre check-in from AirHost before guests arrive and check-in. This has helped make the check-in process much more efficient and smoother."


"After implementing AirHost, all tasks can be completed quickly and easily via AirHost PMS. Each staff has access to their own account to view their assigned tasks and the time taken, increasing operational efficiency and reducing staff workload."

- ALL Fortune Partners

"Self check-in process without face-to-face between staffs and guests has been highly praised by our guests. Especially during the coronavirus period, guests felt very comfortable without having to meet face-to-face."

- PINN / owl Co., Ltd

"Also thanks to AirHost ONE Check-in system, not only the good reviews about accommodation but also the one about our check-in have been increased, and guests commented that “Check-in was so easy."

- ALL Fortune Partners (AFP)

"Our operation staff have had many positive comments about AirHost's system, such as useful functions based on a user perspective, strong support with a full follow-up process, and an easy-to-use, simple interface booking engine."

- Shiki Properties

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