Hostels management

Small rooms with infinite possibilities. Make it chic, make it right.

Traditional hostels, themed-boutique hostels, and trendy capsule hotels, AirHost HMS got you covered.

Efficiency is all about speed, quality and cost

All-in-one solutions

From bookings to check-out, management is just within a single dashboard.

Day bookings

Multiple time slots for day bookings to accommodate business usage and transit guests.

Shared inventory

Maximize inventories by creating multiple room to sell by beds or by private room

Instant reservations with booking engine

Secure and simple direct Web bookings available for transit guests.

Manage it right and manage it wise

Tablet & mobile guests management

Options for guests self check-in via devices during peak hours and late-night check-ins.

Tablet & mobile check-in

Safe and secure self check-in via devices during peak hours or late night check-ins.