【Explore the best OTA】AirHost User Insights for Short Term Rental Platforms

【Explore the best OTA】AirHost User Insights for Short Term Rental Platforms

On this page, we present a ranking of OTA sales specifically for short term rental platforms used by AirHost users!

We created this guide to help small hotel and vacation rental owners who wonder, "Which OTA is right for me? Choosing the right one can significantly impact my success."

Choosing the wrong OTA can lead to losses...

To prevent this, we've summarized the key features of each OTA and tips for selecting the best one, including:

  • Ideal properties

  • Good point

  • Weak point

Check it out and use it as a reference!

What You'll Learn from This Article ▼

Sales rankings of each OTA by AirHost users

Characteristics of each OTA and the types of properties they best suit

2024 Edition! Top 14 Highest-Grossing Short Term Rental Platforms for AirHost Users

We've compiled a ranking of the highest-grossing short term rental platforms used by AirHost users! This data covers the period from January 2023 to March 2024.

OTA Sales revenue

*Here are the sales trends for each platform registered by AirHost users from 2023 to March 2024 (specific numbers are omitted due to confidentiality).

  • Note: "Temairazu" and "Rakutool" are site controllers, not short term rental platforms, so they are excluded from this ranking.

1st: Airbnb


The number one spot goes to Airbnb!

As the world's largest vacation rental platform, Airbnb is the go-to OTA for whole-house rentals. With many AirHost users running vacation rentals and small hotels, it's no surprise that Airbnb tops the list.

Increasingly, hotels are also listing on Airbnb, making it an excellent choice for attracting both Japanese and international guests.

URL: https://www.airbnb.jp/

Ideal Property Types: Whole-house vacation rentals, unique accommodations

Strengths: Broad customer reach, strong international appeal

Weaknesses: High competition, requires creativity to stand out

To boost your bookings on Airbnb, it's crucial to maintain the high "quality" standards set by Airbnb. For more details, check out this article.

Additionally, AirHost has been recognized as a "Preferred Plus Partner" by Airbnb for four consecutive years.

Airbnb preferred+ cover image

The "Preferred Plus Partner" is an esteemed title awarded by Airbnb after a thorough evaluation of system integration quality and functionality.

By leveraging AirHost, you can fully utilize the latest features and knowledge from Airbnb, maximizing the efficiency of your operations on the platform. For success on Airbnb, using AirHost is a smart choice.

2nd: Booking.com


Booking.com, the world's largest accommodation booking site, offers reservations for a wide range of properties, from hotels to short-term rentals. Even vacation rentals benefit from its high traffic.

URL: https://www.booking.com

  • Ideal Property Types: Hotels, apartments, short-term rentals

  • Strengths: Extensive market exposure, high brand recognition

  • Weaknesses: Intense price competition

Booking.com is highly valued by vacation rental owners for its comprehensive reach.

It actively promotes not only hotels but also short-term rentals, attracting both domestic and international travelers.

Additionally, AirHost has been officially recognized as a "Premier Connectivity Partner" by Booking.com as of April 2024.

Awarded Premier Partner status for the fifth consecutive year at the highest level.

A "Premier Connectivity Partner" is an esteemed title awarded to those with high compatibility and excellent operational performance with Booking.com's system. Using AirHost allows you to leverage Booking.com's vast audience and various functionalities, such as automated bookings and efficient vacancy management. For serious efforts in attracting guests through Booking.com, utilizing AirHost is highly recommended.

3rd: Jalan


Jalan is one of Japan's leading reservation sites, specializing in hotels and ryokans. It is particularly favorable for properties running advertising campaigns, although it attracts fewer short-term rental bookings.

URL: https://www.jalan.net/

  • Ideal Property Types: Ryokans, hotels

  • Strengths: High domestic market share, effective advertising

  • Weaknesses: Limited support for short-term rentals

Jalan holds strong influence among domestic travelers due to its brand recognition and advertising campaigns. While primarily targeting hotels and ryokans, short-term rentals may find it challenging to gain traction.

4th: Expedia


Expedia excels in the North American market and performs well globally, including Japan. It covers a broad spectrum of properties, from high-end hotels to short-term rentals.

URL: https://www.expedia.co.jp/

  • Ideal Property Types: High-end hotels, large resorts

  • Strengths: Strong brand presence in North America

  • Weaknesses: Less suited for budget accommodations or short-term rentals

Expedia's base in North America makes it a powerhouse for luxury hotels and large resorts. It also supports short-term rentals, expanding its user base steadily.

5th: Agoda


Agoda is strong in Asia, especially Thailand, and is growing its presence in Japan through TV commercials.

URL: https://www.agoda.com/

  • Ideal Property Types: Hotels and short-term rentals targeting the Asian market

  • Strengths: Strong reach in the Asian market

  • Weaknesses: Relatively weaker influence in Western markets

Agoda focuses on the Asian market, particularly popular among Southeast Asian travelers. As a sister site of Booking.com, it has an extensive international reservation network.

6th: Rakuten Travel


Japan's largest accommodation booking site, Rakuten Travel is strong in hotel reservations. It also lists vacation rentals in collaboration with Vacation STAY, but primarily handles hotel bookings.

URL: https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/

  • Ideal Property Types: Traditional hotels, large ryokans

  • Strengths: Major domestic audience, reward programs like Rakuten Points

  • Weaknesses: Limited services for short-term rentals

Rakuten Travel excels in the domestic market, being a key player in hotel reservations for Japanese travelers.

7th: Vacation STAY

Vacation STAY

Vacation STAY uses a different fee structure, charging guests instead of hosts. Hosts are charged a 3% fee, while guests pay a 12% fee as of May 2024.

Vacation STAY registered properties are subject to a flat 3% fee regardless of which partner site they are sold on, making it a cost-effective option.

URL: https://vacation-stay.jp/

  • Ideal Property Types: Cost-effective short-term rentals, small hotels

  • Strengths: Low fees, partnerships with major OTAs

  • Weaknesses: Fewer direct bookings, high dependence on other sites

While Vacation STAY offers low fees for hosts, the guest fees keep total costs similar to other sites. The partnerships with major OTAs enhance its listing reach.

8th: Ikkyu


Ikkyu offers significantly high-value bookings compared to other OTAs, but listing on Ikyu requires rigorous screening, so not all properties can be listed.

URL: https://www.ikyu.com/

  • Ideal Property Types: Luxury hotels, resorts

  • Strengths: High-quality service, strong position in the luxury market

  • Weaknesses: Limited appeal to the general market

Ikkyu allows access to high-end clientele, enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction for premium accommodations through AirHost functionalities.

9th: Trip.com


Trip.com, the largest OTA in China, offers a variety of accommodations from hotels to guesthouses. It operates globally but primarily serves the Chinese market.

URL: https://jp.trip.com/

  • Ideal Property Types: Properties targeting the Chinese market

  • Strengths: Strong reach in the Chinese market

  • Weaknesses: Relatively weaker influence in other regions

Trip.com is ideal for capturing demand from Chinese travelers, making it perfect for properties focused on inbound tourism from China.

10th: Asiayo


Asiayo is popular for bookings from Taiwan and offers services that highlight the local charm.

URL: https://asiayo.com/

  • Ideal Property Types: Region-specific accommodations

  • Strengths: Localized services, strong reach in the Asian market

  • Weaknesses: Limited international competitiveness

Asiayo is ideal for properties aiming to attract travelers from Asia, particularly those emphasizing local hospitality.

11th: Vrbo


Vrbo, a global leader in vacation rentals, specializes in large properties and family-friendly accommodations.

URL: https://www.vrbo.com/

  • Ideal Property Types: Vacation rentals, large accommodations

  • Strengths: Catering to families and groups with spacious properties

  • Weaknesses: Limited appeal to solo travelers or business guests

Vrbo is perfect for attracting guests looking for spacious accommodations for large groups or families.

12th: Rurubu Travel

Rurubu Travel

Rurubu Travel offers travel plans linked with Japanese tourist destinations, making it ideal for capturing domestic travel demand.

URL: https://travel.rurubu.com/

  • Ideal Property Types: Region-specific hotels and ryokans

  • Strengths: Unique travel plans linked with local tourism

  • Weaknesses: Limited international reach

Rurubu Travel appeals to travelers looking to explore local attractions, enhancing the appeal of region-specific accommodations.

13th: Hostel World

 Hostel World

HostelWorld, covering hostels worldwide, is popular among backpackers and budget travelers.

URL: https://www.hostelworld.com/

  • Ideal Property Types: Hostels, budget hotels

  • Strengths: Services tailored for budget travelers

  • Weaknesses: Limited reach in the luxury market

Listing on HostelWorld can attract budget-conscious guests, requiring competitive pricing.

14th: Tiket.com


Tiket.com, popular in Indonesia, offers localized services that resonate with local travelers.

URL: https://tiket.com/

  • Ideal Property Types: Region-specific accommodations

  • Strengths: Deep understanding and response to the local market

  • Weaknesses: Limited global recognition and reach

Tiket.com is great for properties focusing on local guests and travelers familiar with the region.

Optimizing with AirHost

Optimizing with AirHost

Combining OTAs with AirHost optimizes operations by:

  1. Saving Time: Automated systems streamline daily tasks, allowing you to focus on guest services.

  2. Reducing Errors: Prevents manual input errors and double bookings.

  3. Increasing Revenue: Optimizes pricing and occupancy rates, maximizing revenue.

  4. Enhancing Guest Satisfaction: Smooth check-ins and quick responses to requests improve guest satisfaction.

Utilize the strengths of various OTAs while centralizing management with AirHost to achieve efficient and smooth operations.


We presented a ranking of OTA sales from 1st to 14th place used by AirHost users!

Choosing the right OTA and using tools like AirHost to streamline operations is crucial for growing your accommodation business. Consider using management tools like AirHost to receive more bookings and enhance guest satisfaction.

We hope this helps in developing your hospitality business.

Let AirHost help your business grow.

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