AirHost Achieves Booking Premier Connectivity Partner for 2024

AirHost Inc., headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, and led by CEO Takashi Obata, has been selected for the fifth consecutive year as a Premier Partner in's Connectivity Partner Program as of April 2024.

Awarded Premier Partner status for the fifth consecutive year at the highest level.

This program assesses providers of various connectivity services such as reservation site controllers and Property Management Systems (PMS) that collaborate with, one of the largest travel e-commerce sites in the world. The program aims to expand partner facilities' operations through this collaboration.

In this program, connectivity service providers are evaluated based on three categories: business performance, the performance improvement of connectivity functions, and efforts to strengthen partnerships. Depending on their performance, providers are classified into three levels: Standard, Advanced, and Premier Partner.

AirHost has been recognized as a Premier Partner for five consecutive years, receiving high evaluations in all three categories for its product functionality and commitment to improving convenience, standing out among numerous global competitors.

About AirHost Inc. (

Founded in 2015, AirHost leads the industry as a provider of guest experience and hospitality management software solutions. It offers an all-in-one hospitality management system focused on automating daily operations from booking to checkout for hotels, hostels, private lodgings, and glamping operations.

With the mission to "Change the future of travel through tourism DX," AirHost aims to provide the best solutions for new accommodation styles.

Main Services:

  • "AirHost ONE" delivering speed check-in/out and comprehensive services.

  • "AirHost HMS" (formerly AirHost PMS): An all-in-one accommodation management tool featuring a site controller, PMS, message management, payment solutions (Stripe), smart check-in/out, IoT smart lock integration, cleaning management, and a booking engine.

  • "AirHost Complete Operation Service" for operation management.

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