January: Latest Information Update

January: Latest Information Update


(a) Check-in tablet: Country option is now showing at the ‘Nationality’
Since there are many guests from different country, you may now select the country based on the Nationality.


(b) Room Channels: Magnification from AirHost price in the multi-channel page allows you to set the rate of price synchronization in 1% increments.


(c) Notification settings: It is now possible to set reception of various notifications for each user.

Until now, notifications for new reservations / cancellations and various errors are registered in account management. It is now possible to send only to the email address given. With this update, anyone with administrator, manager, or staff privileges can flexibly receive the necessary notifications.


(d) Booking Details Page: Added a link to the channel details page

Displayed on the Booking Details page, you can now transition to the channel details page from your OTA logo.


(e) Balance report: Added Booking status into filter function

You can now filter the report by booking status such as “Cancelled” or “Confirmed”


(f) Booking Engine: In Website Settings for promotions added “Maximum amount” and “Maximum length of stay”

However, we have simplified the operation by setting it as a promotion rule, such as when you want to set restrictions on the price plan.


(g) Check-in management: to be able to batch download, including passport images, etc. can be now download in this “hotel guest list.”

Now it is possible to download the passport and signature images all at once.