New Rules on Surveillance Cameras by Airbnb

New Rules on Surveillance Cameras by Airbnb

Important information from AirHostーAirbnb's new ruleー

Airbnb has introduced new regulations aimed at protecting privacy, completely prohibiting the installation of surveillance cameras indoors.

As a result of this change, owners of accommodations and rental properties will no longer be able to install surveillance cameras inside their premises starting April 30, 2024.

Reference page: Use and Disclosure of Surveillance Cameras, Recording Devices, Noise Monitors, and Smart Home Devices | Airbnb

AirHost's Check-In Tablets are Permissible for Use

New Rules on Surveillance Cameras by Airbnb

AirHost's check-in tablets are equipped with camera functions for verifying the identity of guests during the check-in process.

After confirming with Airbnb, our tablets have been deemed an exception to the new regulations, and their use continues to be permitted (as confirmed on April 24, 2024).

Therefore, you can rest assured that AirHost's check-in tablets are approved for indoor use.

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At AirHost, we are continually adapting to the latest regulatory changes and striving to enhance the quality of our services.

We are committed to maintaining and improving our efforts so that you can continue to use AirHost's services with confidence.

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