AirHost integrates with Temairazu with to expand sales channels to Japan’s major travel agents.


AirHost partners with 'Temairazu' to expand booking channels for accommodations, enhancing reservation acquisition on a global scale.

Additionally, by promoting the introduction of a self-check-in system, we ensure a 'contactless' check-in experience. This not only provides guests with a safe and satisfying stay but also prepares for the resurgence of inbound tourism.



  • Through API integration, room inventory, rates, and availability are automatically synchronized in real-time from AirHost to 'Temairazu'. This allows you to manage all sales channels through the AirHost PMS.

  • Guest reservation details from 'Temairazu' are automatically synced to AirHost. Additionally, AirHost updates room availability in real-time to other OTA sites, preventing double bookings.

  • You can set pricing tiers, special rates, and discounts. Messages from guests on the 'Temairazu' site can also be received and responded to via AirHost.

  • The collaboration between AirHost and 'Temairazu' maximizes accommodation revenue and extends your reach to more inbound guests.

Partner Introduction

The site controller 'Temairazu' consolidates three main management functions that accommodation providers typically handle: room inventory, plan rates, and reservation information. This is all presented on a single screen, designed with an interface that prioritizes ease of use for anyone.

In addition to major domestic and international hotel booking sites, it collaborates with a wide range of reservation platforms, including proprietary booking systems, sites focused on luxury accommodations, employee benefits platforms, and region-specific sites. This extensive integration allows for global-scale inbound guest acquisition.

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