Elevate your hospitality business with secure and efficient payment processing. AirHost × Stripe: Solving online payment challenges


AirHost integrates with Stripe, a globally trusted online payment platform, via API. This allows the automation of payment processes for accommodations, effectively addressing issues such as "No Show" and fraud.

By streamlining payments for booking engines, OTA reservations like those on, and various upsell scenarios, we significantly enhance operational efficiency. This not only reduces operating costs but also improves customer satisfaction.

Stripe and AirHost integrated


  • Automated Authorization: Automatically verifies the validity of guests' credit cards at the time of booking.

  • Payment Automation: Executes payments automatically at set times, reducing manual work.

  • Fraud Prevention: Automatically reports invalid cards to OTA like as and prompts re-registration.

  • Flexible Payment Management: Automatically processes refunds or additional charges in response to changes in stay duration.

  • Automated Cancellation Handling: Processes refunds automatically upon reservation cancellation, in accordance with policies.

  • Centralized Payment Status Management: Easily check the payment status of each reservation in a single view.

Partner Introduction

Stripe is a flexible payment platform that can be used without initial costs or monthly fees. It supports major credit and debit cards worldwide, including VISA, Mastercard, and JCB, with a relatively low transaction fee of 3.6%.

This partnership allows accommodation facilities to significantly reduce manual work related to payments and minimize risks associated with "No Shows" and fraudulent use. Simultaneously, it caters to international tourists who prefer credit card payments, contributing to increased guest attraction.

The integration of AirHost and Stripe provides a powerful solution that meets the evolving needs of the hospitality industry, simultaneously improving operational efficiency and guest satisfaction for accommodation facilities.