Singapore Tourism Board

AirHost enables Singapore’s hotels with fully contactless check-in solutions to automate the validation process for international guests.


In order to address the post-pandemic challenges and new market opportunities, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched E-Visitor Authentication (EVA) system, which uses facial recognition technology to automate the international guests validation process with Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

The EVA-Ready Programme identifies technology vendors that are able to implement self-check-in solutions which have the capabilities to integrate with the EVA system. Vendors that attain the EVA-Ready status can API integrate with the EVA system to enable hotels to automate checks on the stay validity of international visitors and create a fully contactless check-in experience.

AirHost has been identified as EVA-Ready from STB for its integration capability with the EVA system and implementation of fully contactless check-in solutions.

STB EVA-Ready Overview


  • With EVA-Ready status, AirHost has API access to the EVA system that enables hotels to automate parts of the check-in process by matching passport photos to guests’ faces to check the stay validity of international visitors.

    EVA Process for guests:

    EVA Process for guests

    Image: Singapore Tourism Board

  • Guest information can be automatically sent to ICA via AirHost ONE (API integrated with STB’s EVA system) after hotel staff verified the validity of international guest stays.

    Data Flow for EVA System:

    Data Flow_STB EVA

    Image: STB EVA-Ready Programme

  • Hotels can guide their guests to complete the contactless check-in process through web, app, and tablet, reducing front desk congestion with AirHost ONE Guest Experience. AirHost ONE also provides upselling, room service, and restaurant order-taking through QR codes, apps, and tablets. This helps hotels effectively reach out to guests before, during, and after their trip.


Partner Introduction

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore. It champions the development of Singapore's tourism sector and undertakes the marketing and promotion of Singapore as a tourism destination.

EVA-Ready Programme identifies technology vendors that are able to implement self check-in solutions which have the capabilities to interface with STB’s E-Visitor Authentication (EVA) system.