AirHost integrates with RemoteLOCK to provide seamless keyless entry for unmanned hotels.


By the integration with RemoteLOCK, which is a Wifi-enabled smart lock, AirHost enables accommodation facilities such as hotels, inns, and private lodgings to enjoy the benefits of seamless keyless entry.

The API integration between AirHost and PMS allows the PIN code set up post-reservation to be automatically issued and updated. By connecting all functions such as automated guest messaging, room allocation, and payment in one system - AirHost PMS- the hotel can automate key management processes and delivery for a streamlined operation and better guest experience.

Furthermore, publicly accessible facilities, such as a gym, elevator, and entrance doors, can be configured with the guest.

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  • Manage all IoT lock devices just in one place. You can manage guests' names, PIN codes, and valid periods in AirHost PMS by creating a RemoteLOCK account in AirHost PMS and linking IoT lock devices one by one.

  • PIN code can be automatically issued and updated according to each guest's check-in/out date and time after the reservation is confirmed. The automatically given PIN code will be valid for the guest's stay. The PIN code will also be updated or canceled automatically if the guest extends or cancels the reservation.

  • Whenever a guest has been assigned to a room, new PIN codes will be automatically issued. Since each room and IoT Lock device is connected in AirHost PMS, it can issue a PIN code by room allocation. The PIN code will be automatically updated when the room allocation changes. You can also automate the room allocation by using the "automatic room allocation optimization" function.

  • Send notifications to guests automatically using the "Automated Messaging" function. Guest precheck-in notifications can be automatically sent to guests at a fixed date and time, such as three days before guest check-in, using tags in the automated messaging function of AirHost PMS. Also, it can send the PIN code in the check-in tablet, which is provided with the AirHost Check-in solution when the guest completes the check-in process.

Partner Introduction

RemoteLOCK is a Wifi-enabled smart lock that does not require a physical key or a smartphone app. They provide cloud-based access control software that enables keyless entry, and remotely manages and controls access to the spaces in the multifamily, vacation rental, commercial and related industries.

Properties can issue personalized password or QR code for each guest for a keyless entry and seamless guest experience.

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