Rakutsu With

AirHost integrates with Rakutsu With to expand sales channels to Japan’s major travel agents.


It is more important for hotel and accommodation operations to strengthen sales in the domestic market, which is the key point of the tourism industry recovery now.

And Japan is aiming to recover domestic market demand by launching comprehensive sales policies to provide guests safe and secure travel experience, as hotels and accommodations that provide contactless and hygiene solutions will be listed on the top position in major travel agents and big OTAs.

The integration of AirHost and Rakutsu With, which belongs to JR system, expands the sales channels for the domestic market and provides contactless front desk solutions to help spread the new smart hotel technology nationwide in Japan.

Rakutsu With x Airhost logo


  • Acquire the domestic demand from travel agents
    The integration can help get guests from travel agents such as JR group travel agencies, JTB, Nippon Travel Agency, Kinki Tourist, and many other domestic OTAs which are not directly supported by AirHost PMS.

  • Enable contactless check-in solution by tablet without any system migration
    Hotels can use AirHost check-in features for the contactless solution by introducing AirHost ONE in Rakutsuu With system to strengthen the infection prevention strategies at the front desk. And as AirHost is also integrated with various IoT smart locks and multifunctional payment machines, you can flexibly include key delivery and payment solutions in the operation process. There are a lot of usages of AirHost to provide a highly satisfying guest experience with safe and secure check-in solutions.

  • Help reduce hotel operation costs and staff composition
    In addition to the front desk, you can also use many other functions to help automate daily operation work, such as automated room allocation, automated messaging, cleaning management, revenue analysis report, etc. so that you can streamline hotel operations and let the front desk and all operation staffs focus more on hospitality services.

Partner Introduction

"Rakutsu With" provided by JR System is a cloud-based channel manager that can manage room reservations and inventory from multiple channels covering accommodation own websites, travel agents, OTAs and more. As it can manage room reservations that got from multiple travel agents in one place and take advantage of the high technical capabilities based on JR groups’s system, Rakutsu With has been widely used in many accommodation facilities from large-scale domestic hotel chains to the ryokan(traditional Japanese inns).