Price Labs

Optimize revenue with data-driven dynamic pricing. AirHost × Price Labs: Realize smart pricing strategies.


AirHost has partnered with Price Labs, a provider of advanced dynamic pricing tools. This collaboration enables AirHost HMS users to automate optimal pricing based on market trends, maximizing revenue.

Users can easily implement precise pricing strategies that consider factors such as demand forecasting, competitor analysis, and seasonal fluctuations.

Price Labs and AirHost


  • Automated Dynamic Pricing: Automatically adjust rates based on market demand and supply.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Develop pricing strategies based on rich data and analysis.

  • Revenue Optimization: Balance occupancy rates and Average Daily Rate (ADR) to improve RevPAR.

  • Competitive Analysis: Enable strategic pricing considering competitors' rates.

  • Seasonal Adjustment: Proactive price adjustments considering events and seasonality.

  • Flexible Rule Setting: Customize pricing based on the accommodation's unique business rules.

Partner Introduction

PriceLabs is a dynamic pricing tool that utilizes machine learning and AI. It analyzes market data, historical booking trends, and competitor information to determine the optimal pricing.

By integrating with AirHost, the pricing calculated by PriceLabs is synchronized with each OTA connected to AirHost.

This partnership allows accommodation facilities to implement data-driven strategic pricing and respond quickly to market fluctuations. It enables flexible and effective rate management, such as maximizing revenue during high-demand periods and maintaining competitiveness during low-demand periods.

The integration of AirHost and Price Labs elevates revenue management for accommodation facilities to the next level, providing a powerful tool to establish a competitive edge in the fierce hospitality industry.