AirHost integrates with Indonesian online travel agent “” to expand inbound sales channels.


AirHost collaborates with 'Neppan!', known for having one of the highest facility adoption rates in the domestic industry, to expand sales channels for accommodation facilities and strengthen reservation acquisitions within Japan.

Furthermore, by advocating for the introduction of a self-check-in system, AirHost ensures a 'faceless and contactless' check-in experience. This not only offers guests a safe and secure stay but also ensures a high level of satisfaction even after the recovery of inbound tourism demand.



  • Through API integration, room inventory, rates, and vacancy statuses are automatically synchronized from AirHost to 'Neppan!' in real-time. This allows for the management of all sales channels through the AirHost PMS.

  • Guest reservation details are automatically synced from 'Neppan!' to AirHost. Additionally, AirHost updates room availability on other OTA sites in real-time, preventing potential double bookings.

  • Price tiers, special rates, and discounts can be set. Messages from guests on the 'Neppan!' platform can also be received and responded to via AirHost.

  • Through the collaboration between AirHost and 'Neppan!', accommodation facilities can maximize their revenue and reach a broader inbound guest audience.

Partner Introduction

Neppan!, provided by Rakuten Group's subsidiary, Clips Inc., is a cloud-based site controller that allows for consolidated management of inventory, pricing, and reservation information across multiple accommodation booking sites. With its top-tier facility adoption rate in the domestic industry, using "Neppan!" significantly reduces the administrative efforts of accommodation facilities. This efficiency provides more time to create attractive plans and other strategies for attracting guests.

Furthermore, by utilizing features such as the pre-payment function for foreign booking sites, which often have on-site payments, and the ability to automatically send thank-you emails to guests before and after their stay, "Neppan!" supports revenue enhancement for accommodation facilities. This includes reducing no-shows and cancellations, upselling, and retaining repeat customers.