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Making travel more accessible and affordable for you! AirHost and MakeMyTrip


AirHost is expanding its inbound sales channels for the Indian market through a collaboration with Make My Trip, India's leading online travel service.

Make My Trip offers online travel products and services to travelers living in India and those visiting India, including flight tickets, customized vacation packages, hotel reservations, train, and bus tickets, car rentals, and insurance across India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the USA.

By leveraging Make My Trip's extensive network that provides the best flights, hotels, bus, and train tickets for both domestic and international travelers, accommodation operators can open doors to new markets.

This collaboration signifies a step towards advanced hospitality, enhancing guest encounters, operational efficiency, and ultimately guest satisfaction.

Airhost×Make my trip


The partnership between AirHost and Make My Trip revolutionizes accommodation operations with benefits such as:

  • Hassle-Free Real-Time Synchronization:
    Through API integration, room inventory, prices, and availability are automatically synchronized from AirHost to Make My Trip. This centralizes sales channel management through AirHost PMS, significantly reducing effort.

  • Prevention of Double Bookings:
    Reservation information from Make My Trip is automatically fed to AirHost, and vacancy information is updated in real-time across other OTA sites, drastically reducing the risk of double bookings.

  • Flexible Pricing and Improved Communication:
    Allows for the setting of special prices and discounts, and direct reception and response to guest messages from Make My Trip through AirHost.

  • Maximized Revenue and Reach:
    Enables access to a broader range of inbound guests, directly linking to an increase in accommodation revenue.

These advantages make accommodation operations smoother and more efficient than ever, enhancing guest satisfaction and significantly reducing the workload for operators.

Partner Introduction

Make My Trip stands as a titan of online travel, taking India to the world stage.

It offers a comprehensive range of services for travelers within and outside India, including air tickets, custom holiday packages, reservations for over 4000 hotels, train and bus tickets, car rentals, and insurance. Operating globally, including in Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the USA, it provides the perfect travel solutions for Indians traveling abroad and visitors to India.

From planning to realization, AirHost and Make My Trip support guests on their journeys.

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