Keycafe Smartbox

AirHost PMS integrates with loT key box terminal "Keycafe Smartbox" to streamline property operations with unmanned key delivery.


AirHost PMS integrates with IoT keybox terminal "Keycafe Smartbox" provided by Keycafe Japan LLC (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Ryo Ogouchi, hereinafter Keycafe) to enable key delivery from physical keys to unmanned operations for hotels etc. properties and make it possible to manage keys online according to the needs of each accommodation facility.

In addition, by using Keycafe together with AirHost PMS, the manual issuance of the access authorization code for receiving the room key, which was previously done for reservations from non-Airbnb channels, can be automated. Since Keycafe is linked with the "room allocation” function in AirHost PMS, the access code can be send to guests automatically.

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  • Remotely manage the keys deposited at the stores in AirHost PMS
    You can manage smart key devices by creating a Keycafe account and linking devices one by one in AirHost PMS. Key receipt/return status can be notified in real time based on the guest name, access code and validity period and also you can manage all these together with reservation information in PMS.

  • Keycafe Smartbox access code can be automatically issued and updated according to each guest's check-in/out status right after reservation get confirmed.
    The access code will be automatically issued according to the check-in/out date from the calendar in AirHost PMS. If guest extend or cancel the reservation, the access code will be updated or canceled automatically as well.

  • Keycafe Smartbox access code can be sent in automated messaging
    AirHost PMS has a function which send automated messages to guests whose reservations have been confirmed (such as at the time of reservation confirmation and check-in x days before check-in). If you use Keycafe Smartbox, you can choose to use the “access code” tag in this automated messaging function to send notifications autom

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Partner Introduction

"Keycafe Smartbox" is the only smart key box in Japan that is API integrated with Airbnb, the world's largest accommodation reservation website. It also has 700 operations in major European and American cities. It enables remote and unattended key delivery for the customers of sharing economy platform like Airbnb.

Keycafe also offers dedicated installation of "Keycafe Smartbox" at an affordable price for accommodation facilities and offices. By introducing it in small hotels and private lodging facilities, not only it will lead to more efficient operations, but also it will make it easier for guests to receive and return room keys.