AirHost integrates with KEY STATION to fully support keyless entry for hotels, inns, and the private lodgings.


AirHost PMS integrates with 24 hours key remote management system "KEY STATION" to support keyless entry for accommodation facilities such as hotels, inns, and private lodgings.

With the API integration, it is able to automatically link room allocation, guest information and check-in status between "AirHost PMS" and "KEY STATION". By using the pre-check-in function of AirHost ONE, the information entered by guests on the pre-check-in page can be automatically synced, so that it only needs to verify the identity on the arrival day to streamline the guests‘ check-in experience.

Since all functions such as automated messaging, automated room allocation, and automated payment are connected in PMS, it is able for hotels to make key management and delivery processes automated by using AirHost PMS for hotel streamlined operation and guest management.

In addition, according to different hotel needs, there are more options for hotels to choose from by adding more check-in devices and key devices to make their front desk smarter.

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  • Manage all key devices just in one place
    Streamline key device management by creating a KEY STATION account in AirHost PMS. Easily control guests' names, room keys and valid periods in one place.

  • Guest information got from pre-check-in can be automatically synced so that it only needs to verify identity to enter the room on the arrival.
    By using AirHost ONE check-in (web advance check-in) together, you can automatically notify the guests with a web page where guests can enter their information in advance from PC or mobile phone. This information will be automatically updated on the KEY STATION screen as well so that guests can receive the key and check in more smoothly just by verifying their identity when they arrive. In addition, KEY STATION's identity verification is fully equipped with a 24-hour call centre, so it is able to realize safe and unmanned operations.

  • Room keys can be issued by room allocation for hotels
    Since each room and key device are linked in AirHost PMS, it is able to issue room key by the room allocation to KEY STATION. You can also automate the room allocation by using the "automatic room allocation optimization" function.

  • Send notifications to guests automatically by using the “Automated Messaging" function and Check-in Tablet
    Notifications can be automatically sent to guests at a fixed date and time such as 3 days before guest check-in, by using tags in the automated messaging function of AirHost PMS. Also, it is able to send the PIN code in the check-in tablet which is provided together with AirHost Check-in solution when the guest completes the check-in process.


Partner Introduction

KEY STATION provides key delivery solution with IT and IoT technologies for lodging facilities, rental conference rooms, housekeeping services etc. It is a system with a set of key boxes for key delivery and KS check in for guest confirmation. It can be used as an automation solution for the front desk operations in hotels and vacation rentals that comply with the Private Lodging Business Act and the Inn Business Act.