AirHost integrates with Japan’s online hotels & ryokans booking site “Jalan.net” to expand sales channels to reach more domestic audiences.


AirHost integrated with one of Japan’s largest online hotels & ryokans booking sites “Jalan.net” to help AirHost users expand sales channels to reach more domestic audiences.

And together with the contactless check-in functions, AirHost helps hotels streamline their operations and create better hospitality service to guests by providing self-check-in.

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  • With the API integration, the room inventory, room rate, and accommodation availability can be automatically synchronized from AirHost to Jalan.net in real-time so that you can manage all your channels just in one place.

  • All booking information can be automatically synchronized from Jalan.net to AirHost and then AirHost updates the availability to other OTAs in real-time so that can avoid double bookings automatically.

  • You can set up a special price and discount by using the pricing tier function. Also, you can receive and reply guest messages from Jalan.net in AirHost as well.

  • The integration of AirHost and Jalan.net can help you maximize revenue and reach out to more inbound guests globally.

Partner Introduction

"Jalan.net" is one of the largest hotels & ryokans booking sites in Japan operated by Recruit Group. You can search and make reservations for more than 26,000 participating facilities covering Japanese hotels & ryokans and their accommodation plans. In addition, it provides useful travel information for more than 140,000 sightseeing spots, over 30,000 events in Japan and 7.7 million reviews from its members.