Fusion of industry-standard PMS and innovative guest app. AirHost × Incharge7: Achieving efficient operations and enhanced smart guest experiences.


AirHost has partnered with Incharge7, a widely used PMS in the Japanese hotel industry provided by JTB Business Innovators.

This collaboration allows Incharge7 users to utilize "AirHost ONE" as a tool for guest check-in/check-out, upselling, and payment solutions, enabling a smarter and more seamless guest experience.



  • Swift API synchronization: Speedy automatic synchronization of guest check-in/check-out information from Incharge7 to "AirHost ONE".

  • Smart check-in/check-out: Complete guest interactions smartly and efficiently through web, app, and tablet, reducing front desk congestion.

  • Effective upselling: Enable upselling, room service, and restaurant order taking through QR codes, apps, and tablets.

  • Seamless traveler approach: Effectively engage with guests before, during, and after their stay.

  • Industry knowledge integration: Fusion of JTB Group's rich industry experience with AirHost's latest technology.

  • Improved operational efficiency: Enhance staff productivity through digitalization, reducing redundant tasks and automating processes.

Partner Introduction

Incharge7 is a highly reliable PMS widely adopted in the Japanese hotel industry, provided by JTB Business Innovators. Leveraging JTB Group's extensive knowledge, it offers a wide range of functions necessary for hotel operations, including reservation management, front desk operations, and accounting processes.

Through integration with AirHost, Incharge7 users can leverage the innovative features of "AirHost ONE" to create smart guest experiences. This enables the provision of services utilizing the latest technology, such as mobile check-in, swift inventory management, and dynamic pricing.

This partnership allows accommodation facilities to utilize both JTB Group's industry knowledge and the latest cloud technology, strengthening their competitiveness while responding quickly to changing market needs. By advancing digitalization and smart solutions, facilities can simultaneously achieve more efficient operations and provide high-quality guest services.