Device Agency Co., Ltd.

Revolutionizing hospitality with IoT. AirHost × Device Agency: Achieving efficient operations and enhanced guest satisfaction.


AirHost has partnered with Device Agency, a leading IoT solutions company, to improve operational efficiency and guest satisfaction through the "AdvaNceD IoT Smart Check-in" series.
This collaboration enables the automation and smartification of the check-in process, reducing the workload on accommodation staff while providing seamless service to guests.

AirHost Partners with Device Agency


  • Fully Automated Check-in Process: Enables self-check-in by guests without the need for face-to-face staff interaction.

  • Automatic Reservation Synchronization: Real-time synchronization of reservation information between AirHost PMS and the "AdvaNceD IoT Smart Check-in" system, significantly reducing human errors.

  • Flexible Implementation Options: Choose the optimal smart check-in model to suit your existing room key system.

  • Reduced Operational Costs: Improve operational efficiency through reduced personnel costs and 24-hour check-in capabilities.

  • Value-Added Services: Enhance customer satisfaction with various optional features such as breakfast voucher issuance, parking confirmation, and day-use reception.

Partner Introduction

The "AdvaNceD IoT Smart Check-in" series is an innovative IoT solution that can be implemented at a low cost. It supports various types of room keys including cloud smart locks, card locks, and key boxes, enabling smartification while utilizing existing facilities.

By integrating with AirHost PMS, you can centrally manage everything from reservation management to cleaning schedules and revenue analysis, optimizing accommodation operations while maximizing profits.

Through this partnership, accommodations can leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance competitiveness while providing guests with a comfortable and innovative stay experience.