The AirHost x Cloudbeds integration enables properties in 157 countries to enjoy the contactless guest check-in solution.


AirHost integrates with CloudBeds, which enables CloudBeds users to be able to use AirHost One for Guest Checkin, Check-out, Upsell and Payment Collection, in the meanwhile use CloudBeds as the backend PMS provider.

Cloudbeds x AirHost logo


  • With API integration, guest check-in/check-out information can be automatically synchronized from Cloudbeds to AirHost ONE in real time so that you can access the booking data in AirHost ONE as well.

  • Hotels and accommodations that use Cloudbeds can guide their guests to complete the contactless check-in/check-out process through web, app, tablet and reduce the front desk congestion relief by using AirHost ONE.

  • It is able to upsell, provide room service, take restaurants orders through QR code, app application, tablet which AirHost One provides, that help you effectively reach out to guests before, during and after the trip.

Partner Introduction

Cloudbeds is the fast growing hospitality management software suite widely used in more than 157 countries. The Cloudbeds suite includes PMS, channel manager, booking engine and integrated payments.

Cloudbeds’ property management system (PMS), is a cloud-based front desk on easy mode. With it, you can check-in and check-out guests in system using an attractive drag-and-drop interface. Use it to push updated availability to your internet booking engine and channel manager. This makes your prices and inventory the same at your hotel, on your website, and on OTAs.

Cloudbeds PMS