Baycom Smart Lock

Baycom Smart Lock is an electronic lock service provided by the Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group's Baycom.


The "Baycom Smart Lock," a product of Japanese manufacture now accessible through AirHost, provides a comprehensive electronic lock service across Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, backed by the reliability of the Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group.

It simplifies security with cloud-based lock and unlock capabilities, eliminating the need for manual code entry through automatic PIN generation via API integration with AirHost.

Additionally, to ensure readiness for electronic issues, the smart lock retains a physical cylinder, merging modern convenience with traditional security.

Beycom integrate with AirHost


  • The Baycom Smart Lock service is available on a subscription basis, eliminating the need for a down payment on the lock itself. Prices range from 1,903 to 2,662 yen monthly per unit, including tax.

    This subscription comes with a minimum four-year term, after which the smart lock is transferred to the user at no extra cost, and the device remains under warranty for the duration of the contract.

  • The locks are produced by a Japanese manufacturer that has been releasing full-fledged electronic locks for over ten years, ensuring quality and reliability in their products.

  • Installation involves replacing the thumb turn, eliminating worries about the lock falling off and ensuring security.

  • A specialized gateway converts Wi-Fi to Zigbee to reduce battery consumption of the smart lock.

  • The management system, Connected Portal, allows remote management of multiple smart locks from computers and mobile devices

Making it suitable for unmanned and labor-saving operations in various facilities without the need for a specific app.

Partner Introduction

Since 2015, Baycom's Smart Lock has been offering cutting-edge security systems tailored for accommodation facilities, blending convenience with security through cloud management and transit system IC card compatibility.

Partnering with AirHost enhances accommodation operations, enabling smarter management, improved efficiency, and the possibility of unmanned check-ins, thereby elevating guest satisfaction.