Assist (Story Hotel Story Ryokan Assist)

Fusion of tradition and innovation. AirHost × Assist: Accelerating DX in ryokans and creating next-generation hospitality experiences.


AirHost has initiated an API integration with "Story Hotel Story Ryokan Assist" (hereinafter referred to as Assist), a system for ryokans and resort hotels provided by Shinnan Kotsu Co., Ltd.

This partnership aims to simultaneously improve operational efficiency in traditional ryokans and enhance guest experiences, accelerating the digital transformation (DX) of Japan's hospitality industry.

Assist and AirHost


  • Seamless Information Integration: Automatic synchronization of reservation data between Assist and AirHost ONE, with real-time information updates.

  • Contactless Check-in Implementation: Providing safe and efficient check-in processes through smartphones and tablets.

  • Digitalization of Dining and Services: Easy ordering of room service and additional meals via app, automatically reflected in the core system.

  • Staff Operational Efficiency: Transition from traditional analog operations to efficient, less labor-intensive management.

  • Enhanced Upselling Capabilities: Effective pre-stay approach to create additional service sales opportunities.

  • Reduced Check-out Congestion: Significant reduction in check-out crowding through online payment features.

Partner Introduction

Assist is a comprehensive management system for ryokans and resort hotels provided by Shinnan Kotsu Co., Ltd. It offers a wide range of functions necessary for accommodation facility operations, including customer management, reservation management, front desk accounting, accounts receivable management, business analysis, and sales strategy, all with intuitive operability.

Through integration with AirHost, facilities can now utilize not only Assist but also the innovative features of AirHost ONE. This enables the provision of a consistent digital experience from pre-stay to post-stay, dramatically improving the operational efficiency of ryokans and resort hotels.

Notably, through the AirHost ONE app, it becomes possible to provide timely services tailored to guest needs, such as check-in, room service orders, and tourist information. Simultaneously, ryokans can address labor shortage issues through paperless operations and task automation, allowing them to focus on providing more attentive hospitality.

This partnership enables the fusion of Japan's traditional accommodation style with the latest digital technology, creating a new era of ryokan and resort hotel experiences. It supports the establishment of efficient and attractive operational structures in preparation for the recovery of tourism demand in the post-COVID era.