Google Vacation Rental/Hotel

Connect with more guests through the world's largest search engine. AirHost Booking Engine × Google Vacation Rentals & Google Hotels: Expanding your global reach.


AirHost has partnered with Google Vacation Rentals and Google Hotels to significantly increase the exposure of accommodations to travelers worldwide.

This integration allows lodging facilities using AirHost HMS to be directly displayed and bookable in Google search results and on Google Maps.

AirHost integrate with Google Vacation Rental/Hotel


  • Enhanced Global Visibility: Access Google's vast user base, reaching potential guests from around the world.

  • Leverage Metasearch Capabilities: Display rates from multiple booking sites, encouraging direct bookings.

  • Mobile-First Experience: Optimized display for smartphone users, increasing mobile bookings.

  • Real-Time Inventory and Rate Updates: Constant reflection of the latest information on Google through integration with AirHost HMS.

  • Utilize Reviews and Ratings: Improve credibility through Google Reviews, promoting acquisition of new guests.

Partner Introduction

Google Vacation Rentals and Google Hotels are services that directly display accommodation information in Google search results and on Google Maps. Users can access booking pages directly from search results and compare rates across various booking sites.

Through integration with AirHost, real-time inventory and pricing information for accommodations are reflected on Google. This ensures that potential guests always receive the most up-to-date and accurate information, increasing the likelihood of direct bookings. Furthermore, when combined with AirHost ONE's smart check-in features, a seamless customer experience from reservation to stay can be achieved.

This partnership enables lodging facilities to leverage Google's powerful search engine and mapping services to enhance their competitiveness in the global market. Simultaneously, it allows for the development of data-driven marketing strategies, aiming to improve booking rates and increase revenue.