Manage both hotels and private lodging properties in all-in-one system with contactless check-in solutions

Namba Ebisu Hotel & Toys Court Tenka Chaya

“The staff member with rich hotel operation experience who has used other major channel manager said, “AirHost system is so easy to use and a lot useful functions surprised me!” ”

- Namba Ebi Hotel / Toys Court Tenka Chaya


Namba Ebisu Hotel is a hotel with the theme of “Ebisu” which is the deity of the Imamiya Ebisu Shrine. It is located in “Shin-Imamiya” where the construction for Hoshino Resorts is currently underway. They aim to provide energetic and cheerful customer service with Osaka type humanity, while try to save labor cost by using pre check-in form, self check-in and IoT lock.

Toys Court Tengachaya which is managed in the same AirHost account, is a private lodging property located in the quiet residential area “Tengachaya” in Osaka. It is a completely unmanned property that uses the “pre check-in form” which guest can enter their information and password online. It is located in the suburbs and good for those guests who are worried about the coronavirus or those guests who are very famous. Although it has a very spacious 1LDK floor, its price is quite low compared with other private lodging properties in the same size.


They were looking for a system that can manage not only private lodgings but also hotels when the “unmanned and labor-saving” policy came out. And they found that AirHost system perfectly fits their needs which they pay more attention to IoT lock integration, self-check-in and the integration numbers of OTAs.


Namba Ebisu Hotel/Toys Court Tenka Chaya use AirHost Hospitality Management System (HMS) and AirHost ONE product for their hotel management solution.

At Namba Ebi Hotel, customers can check in by themselves using four tablets at the front desk, so even if there is only one staff member, up to four groups of customers can check in at the same time. They do not have night staff, but they allow customers to check in and check out on their own tablets even at night by using AirHost system.

Toys Court Tenka Chaya asks guests to self check-in by using the pre check-in form. When the reservation is confirmed, the pre check-in form is automatically generated and automatically sent to the customer, which saved them a lot of man-hours. By using the auto messaging function, they can change the sending frequency by themselves anytime, such as immediately send after reservation, one week before guest arrival or three days before guest arrival.

Online Travel Agencies (OTA): Airbnb,, Expedia, Agoda, Rakuten Travel, Jalan, Ctrip, AsiaYo !, Vacation STAY


Namba Ebisu Hotel / Toys Court Tengachaya have paid attention on an operation system focusing on "unmanned and labor-saving" from the project launch stage, and Namba Ebisu Hotel have even prepared tablet for check-in in the construction stage.

Now they can manage both hotel and private lodging in one AirHost account, and set different user privileges for different staff to make manage more easy. Also they suggest guests to process self check-in by themselves so that they can have more time to design the front desk space creatively to make a better guest experience.

The smart locks installed in both properties are extremely secure because the validity period of the pin code for each guest is created according to guests’ check-in / check-out time.

Client Feedback

The staff member with rich hotel operation experience who has used other major channel manager said, “AirHost system is so easy to use and a lot useful functions surprised me!” You can change assignments by dragging and dropping, send automatic messages, export guest lists and many other useful functions.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, unmanned and contactless solution is beneficial to both staff and guests. Some guests say that check-in can be completed on a tablet which is “high-tech” and “awesome”.

As we are going to strengthen our operations by using AirHost system, we are also very interested about the booking engine function released last fall. By using AirHost PMS, we can manage all OTAs just in one place that save our time a lot. We can get high-margin direct reservations without OTA fees and the monthly running cost by booking engine. That is why we are going to positively consider the implementation of AirHost booking engine.

*The case study above was compiled by AirHost according to the interview with Namba Ebi Hotel / Toys Court Tenka Chaya organized in September, 2020.