Combining connectivity, comfort, innovation, playfulness, and productivity to offer affordable and enjoyable travel experiences with world-class efficiency

Henn na hotel / HIS Hotel Holdings Co.,Ltd.


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About Company and Facilities

Hotel Name: Henn na Hotel / H.I.S. Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd.
Location: Japan and International
Facilities/Rooms: 41 facilities with a total of 4,700 rooms

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AirHost ONE:Guest Contactless Check-In

About Facilities

Our company focuses on enhancing the joy of travel and convenience in business settings, with hotels as our primary base.

To achieve this, we pursue five core values: "Connectivity," "Comfort," "Innovation," "Playfulness," and "Productivity."

We aim to combine the world's best productivity and efficiency to offer our customers more affordable and enriching life experiences, making their travels a delightful spice of life.

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How did you first learn about AirHost?

We discovered AirHost at the Hotel Restaurant Show.

What was the deciding factor for implementing AirHost?

The key reason for adopting AirHost was its ability to reduce check-in times, thereby enhancing the services our customers desire.

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What feedback have you received from your staff regarding the system's usability?

Our staff in Nagoya have expressed satisfaction, particularly appreciating the prompt response and resolution to any issues or points for improvement.

What impact has the system had on the check-in process at the location?

Even during times of congestion at the front desk, we have successfully reduced waiting times by encouraging guests who have pre-paid to complete their check-in using their smartphones.

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Since implementing the system, have there been any changes in guest reactions or reviews?

We've noticed a positive response, especially from business travelers and repeat guests, who are very pleased with the faster check-in process.

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Client Feedback

Could you share the future vision for your facilities?

We are planning to enhance communication with our guests during their travels by utilizing a personalized 'My Page' feature.

What additional features do you hope to see in AirHost in the future?

We believe that implementing a system to increase guest usage rates would make the service even more convenient.

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