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FUJI TOMATO FIELD / Agricultural Production Corporation Ide Tomato Farm


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Facility Name: FUJI TOMATO FIELD / Agricultural Production Corporation Ide Tomato Farm
Location: Japan
Number of Sites/Rooms: 100 sites
Corporate site:
'FUJI TOMATO FIELD' reservation site:

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AirHost PMS (Site Controller + PMS)

AirHost Check-In (Tablet + Web)

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About Facility

Ide Tomato Farm is a historic tomato farm that has been in operation since 1930.

'FUJI TOMATO FIELD' is located at our second farm at the base of Mount Fuji, on the Fuji Highland Farm.

"Tomato Field" is part of our agricultural tourism initiative.

By inviting guests to visit our farm, we aim to revitalize the local area and promote local consumption. We also strive to shorten the distance between farmers and visitors, fostering interest in agriculture and helping to increase Japan's agricultural population.

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How did you come to know about AirHost?

We were looking for a system that could centralize the management of reservations, check-ins, and check-outs, and also handle check-ins for up to 100 parties in a short period of time.

That search led us to AirHost.

What were the deciding factors for implementing AirHost?

Considering the need to eventually hand over operations to other staff members, we found that the integrated system offered by AirHost, despite being more expensive than other systems, provided a simpler management solution that outweighed the cost benefits of using disparate systems.

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What feedback have you received from your staff about the system?

Our staff have mentioned that the "Reservation Calendar" is visually easy to understand, even with bookings for 100 parties.

It allows them to quickly identify which reservations are pending check-in or check-out.

What impact has the local check-in flow had?

Even before we open at 9 AM, with dozens of cars lined up waiting outside, the check-in process is efficient.

Customers who have prepaid are handled via tablets, and those needing to pay on-site are processed at the reception desk, ensuring that there are minimal wait times and guests are guided swiftly.

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Have there been any changes in guest reactions or reviews since the system was implemented?

Guests are often surprised that they can check in with a QR code via a tablet at our outdoor facility, as this is not common.

The fact that we are engaged in IT-driven agriculture impresses them that even our check-in process is IT-based!

Although many of our guests are elderly and may find it hard to read the text on tablets or are not very tech-savvy, we have many repeat visitors. Once we teach them how to use the system, they often return the favor by showing their friends how to use it as well.

Client Feedback

Please tell us about your facility's vision for the future.

We have digitalized where possible, but we still frequently receive compliments for our staff's wonderful service. To support our guests' stay even more comfortably, we aim to save time in areas where convenience and efficiency can be improved, so our staff can dedicate more genuine care to our guests.

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What features do you hope to see added to AirHost in the future?

Thank you for fulfilling many of our requests so far!

  1. It would be helpful if the reservation calendar visible to customers could show the number of remaining slots available. This is due to frequent inquiries about how busy it is and how many more parties can book.

  2. Features like 'mass email sending' or 'mass cancellation' to all guests booked for a particular date would be useful, especially when we need to respond en masse due to adverse weather conditions.

  3. Considering the needs of our outdoor facility, it would be great if we could print reservation details for handling in vehicles.

  4. An automatic credit card scan feature on the payment screen of the tablet would be beneficial, as the tablets provided are Android-based, making it difficult for Apple users to enter text.

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