Lists of the Latest AirHost IoT Smart Locks Partners

Lists of the Latest AirHost IoT Smart Locks Partners


AirHost IoT Smart Lock partners. Source: AirHost

The number of hotels installing smart locks has been increasing in recent years. Installing smart locks can eliminate the traditional key and pick up at the reception desk, which leads to cost savings. AirHost has excellent reliable IoT-enabled Lock Partners. They are committed to providing safe and secure stay for your guests. Here are the lists of word-of-mouth reviews of our partners. 

Remote Lock

Remote-Lock- (1)

Image source: Remote Lock.

  • With the introduction of Remote Lock, we have been able to reduce the burden on employees in managing office locks, such as in case of disasters such as typhoons or when employees are sick. After introducing this system, the lock duty has been abolished, making it easier for employees to work. In addition, e-mail notifications of entry and exit make it possible to keep track of employees and guests entering and leaving the office in real-time.

  • Since the introduction of “Remote Lock,” we have saved time and money by eliminating the need to hand over keys to and manage employees who work on holidays or come from expatriate locations. In addition, the system has the advantage of keeping a record of access to and from the office, which has enabled us to correctly grasp the overtime hours of employees and free us from worries about omissions and data tampering.



Image source: KeyVox Smart lock

  • It is easy to manage the entire system through the web screen, and it is possible to address vacancies and issue PINs automatically. The time and effort we used to spend on the system have disappeared, and our work efficiency has improved.

  • We would recommend it to any company, regardless of size, industry, or type of work, that wants to use and manage meeting rooms and other spaces efficiently.



keycafe Smart key

  • It’s a great system to work with. It has changed the way we interact with our guests and handle remote check-ins. However, all successful systems require good assistance, and this has played a significant role in ensuring that things run smoothly.

  • Service was excellent. Excellent assistance during the installation process and if we ever have any problems. This solution is ideal for companies that need to track keys to employees.

  • We researched various key security stations but continued to find systems that were overpriced with an outdated user interface and features. Keycafe has transformed our key management.

  • We have looked at numerous providers, and Keycafe stood out as the most obvious and best option. It’s been fantastic, and we're looking forward to getting more installed for our agents to use.




Image source: LINKEY Smart lock 

  • We installed this system to increase the value of our property. I felt it was inconvenient to carry a key around with me. I also felt that Linkey would be very effective in reducing lock replacement cost, which has become the norm.

  • We have also installed an intercom with a monitor to differentiate ourselves from other properties. It’s tough to take security measures, especially for female tenants. Thanks to your help, we are now able to manage a full house.

  • There is a master mode and a tenant mode, which makes management more effortless. The best part is that you don’t need to change the locks, and there is 24-hour call center support in case of emergencies. The entrance is the face of the property, so it will be a great attraction when viewing.

intelligent Home


Image source: intelligent Home Smart lock 

  • It’s convenient to be able to see your home from a distance with a camera.

  • Easy to use. Switching is smooth.

  • Simple and easy to use.



Image source: KEYSTATION Smart lock 

  • One of the problems when running Airbnb is handing over keys to the guests.

  • Key Station provides a service that we can receive and send keys placed in convenience stores with a PIN code.  This service solved the problem.


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Image source: KeyWe Smart Door Lock.

  • Really good service, with a detailed explanation and demonstration of their products for better understanding. During on-site inquiries, Max was really patient and helpful. I strongly advise you to visit Eagle Secure Tech in order to keep your house and family safe!

  • They provide great services and products are high quality.



Image source: ASSA ABLOY Smart lock.

  • The set up of the software program is seamless. There is excellent follow up and service while the hotel has any questions.

  • Everything is perfect. There was no problem at all and helped the hotel to offer an excellent experience for the guest.

  • We are certified with everything about the products, guest room door access, elevator access, room electricity saver and good for the protection of our property.

  • They have kind understanding and support. They solve the issues immediately. The new technologies are great.

  • It is simple to manage and control access. We don’t need to be physically in places to provide residents access. It is secure for our customers and the company.

Written by: AirHost Marketing Team.

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