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Discover everything you need to know about becoming an Airbnb Superhost – explained more clearly than anywhere else.

We'll also share valuable tips on boosting your Airbnb's visibility and attracting more guests. Stay with us till the end for these insightful tips!

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Basics of Being an Airbnb Superhost

Tips for Maintaining Superhost Status

Tips for Increasing the number of guest on Airbnb 

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Let's see Airbnb Superhosts!

Let's see about Airbnb Superhost

Becoming an Airbnb Superhost should be a goal for anyone operating a minpaku. Superhosts on Airbnb are those who consistently provide exceptional hospitality to their guests.

Airbnb's definition of "hospitality" includes:

  • Effective communication between guests and hosts.

  • Ensuring guests have a highly satisfying stay.

  • The ability to create memorable experiences for guests.

When guests search on Airbnb, seeing the Superhost badge on the search page or a host's profile instills confidence.

Achieving Superhost status can significantly propel your minpaku operation towards success, and there are no downsides to it!

How to Become a Superhost

To become a Superhost, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Host at least 10 stays or a total of 100 nights over 3 stays in the past year.

  • Maintain a response rate of 90% or higher.

  • Keep the cancellation rate under 1%.

  • Achieve an overall rating of 4.8 or higher.

There are tricks to meeting these rule, which I'll explain in detail later.

Superhost Evaluations Occur Quarterly

Superhost status is evaluated quarterly based on hosting performance over the past year. The evaluation periods start on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st, lasting for 5 days.

If you meet the criteria, you automatically become a Superhost, and the results are notified after the period ends. It may take up to a week for the Superhost badge to appear.

Japan Ranks 6th Worldwide

As of 2023, 25.9% of Japanese hosts have achieved Superhost status, ranking 6th globally.

This indicates that the high level of hospitality offered by Japanese hosts meets the needs of international guests.

Becoming a Superhost in areas with high tourist demand can be a significant advantage!

How to Become an Airbnb Superhost

How to be a superhost

Let's see the tips for becoming an Airbnb Superhost.

  • Host at least 10 stays or a total of 100 nights over 3 stays in the past year.

  • Maintain a response rate of 90% or more.

  • Keep the cancellation rate under 1%.

  • Achieve an overall rating of 4.8 or higher.

Let's break down each rule.

Hosting Record: 10 Stays or 100 Nights Over 3 Stays

Aim for top listing and ensure your settings match guest filtering criteria. If you're not listed when guests search, you'll miss out on hosting opportunities.

Achieving top listing isn't easy, but there are techniques to help, which we'll cover in an upcoming article.

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For filtering, set up your listing to match common guest searches.

For example, if you offer BBQ facilities, make sure it's highlighted for families searching for such amenities.

What Does "100 Nights Over 3 Stays" Mean?

This means that in the past year, even if you only had 3 stays, they should total 100 nights or more.

For instance, one booking could be for 30 nights, the next for 40 nights, and another for 30 nights, totaling 100 nights.

Example Scenario:

Situation: Two families planning to stay near a ski resort for the ski season.

First family booking: 60 nights (about 2 months)
Second family booking: 40 nights (about 1 month and 10 days)
Total nights: 60 + 40 = 100 nights

Maintaining a Response Rate of 90% or More

To keep a high response rate, using a hospitality system like AirHost is recommended. Automated response features help maintain high response rates, even during busy periods.

>Check out AirHost's automated messaging

Respond promptly to messages. Delays can make guests anxious and consider canceling. Existing Superhosts typically respond within 24 hours.

Personalizing messages also helps reassure guests. Experiment with different phrasings and test them to find the most effective approach.

No Cancellations After Booking Confirmation

To reduce cancellation rates, prevent double bookings.

If you're listed on multiple OTAs, using a site controller like AirHost is essential.

It automatically syncs calendars across different booking sites, reducing the chances of double bookings.

>Explore AirHost's site controller

Keeping an Overall Rating of 4.8 Stars or More

The overall rating is the average of these six criteria:

  • Cleanliness

  • Accuracy of listing information

  • Communication

  • Check-in

  • Value

  • Location

To maintain a rating of 4.8 stars or more, consider the following tips:



Accurate Listing

Ensure photos match the actual room and maintain information accuracy.


Keep the room spotless and provide a consistently comfortable environment

Clear Check-in Instructions

Clearly explain the check-in process to alleviate guest concerns

Prompt and Friendly Communication

Respond quickly and courteously to guest inquiries

Well-Stocked Amenities and Facilities

Ensure guests have everything they need for a comfortable stay

Encouraging Reviews

Make it easy for guests to leave reviews (e.g., send a thank-you message after checkout) and use feedback for improvements.

Continuing these efforts will help maintain your high rating as a Superhost.

Superhost Benefits: Why It Leads to Increased Revenue

Superhost Benefits: Why It Leads to Increased Revenue

Becoming a Superhost can significantly boost your revenue potential.

Here's why:

  • Easier for guests to find your listing

  • Priority support from Airbnb

  • Annual travel coupons worth $100

  • Extra 20% referral bonus

Let's see each of these benefits.

Easier for Guests to Find Your Listing

Superhost listings tend to appear higher in search results, increasing visibility and booking chances.

Priority Support from Airbnb

Superhosts receive priority support from Airbnb and early access to new features.

Annual $100 Travel Coupons

Airbnb gifts Superhosts with $100 travel coupons annually.

Better to use these to stay at other Superhost properties and gather insights for service improvement.

Extra 20% Referral Bonus

Superhosts earn an additional 20% on top of the standard referral bonus.

For example, a $100 referral bonus becomes $120 for Superhosts.

The Downsides of Being a Superhost

The Downsides of Being a Superhost

Few hosts feel any disadvantages to being a Superhost. If anything, maintaining high-quality service requires effort.

Superhosts are held to high expectations, necessitating consistent quality service. However, using property management services like AirHost can significantly ease this burden.

Automating tasks like reservation management, guest communication, and calendar updates saves time and helps maintain listing quality.

>Explore AirHost's One-Stop Property Management.

How to Increase Bookings on Airbnb

Tips to Increase Bookings on Airbnb

To boost bookings on Airbnb, focus on:

  • Professional host tools

  • Guest's Choice feature

Let's explore these in detail.

Utilize Airbnb's Professional Host Tools

The 'Performance' tool is particularly useful, offering concrete business improvement suggestions.

For instance, it lists tasks like offering self-check-in or adding baby beds, complete with progress tracking.

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Focus on Airbnb's Guest's Choice

Guest's Choice highlights popular accommodations based on ratings and reviews.

We'll comprehensively explain how to leverage this feature from a professional host's perspective.

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Maintaining Superhost status requires significant effort and time, but it's not a solo journey. Smartly leveraging support services is key to success.

Utilize services like AirHost for high-quality hospitality while valuing your own time.

For your first step in minpaku management, feel free to reach out to us.

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