Seamless Guest Communication in the Post-Airbnb Alias Era: How AirHost's API Integration Elevates Hosting

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As of September 30, 2023, Airbnb has discontinued its email alias feature.

Reference site: Latest Information for Hosts Using the Email Alias Feature | Airbnb

In this piece, we'll dive deep into the discontinuation of Airbnb's email alias feature, starting with this X (Twitter) post.

"It seems that Airbnb's email alias feature was removed at the end of September. Some self-check-in systems can no longer send automatic messages to Airbnb guests... But our company, AirHost, is fully integrated with Airbnb via API, so there's no problem at all!" - AirHost@Expert in Vacation Rentals (@airhost_minpaku) November 2, 2023

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Impact of Airbnb Email Alias Discontinuation

Benefits of AirHost API Integration

Automated Messaging Features and Their Impact 

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We'll provide detailed information in a Q&A format!

Airbnb mail aliasing

Q: What happens now that Airbnb's email alias feature is gone?

A: Systems that used email to send messages to Airbnb guests will no longer be able to do so. This means that functionalities like automatic messaging may become unavailable, making smooth communication with guests more challenging.

As an alternative, manual operations through Airbnb's messaging feature, phone, or SNS will be necessary, increasing the workload.

Missed messages can lead to potential troubles with guests...

Q: Does the discontinuation of Airbnb's email alias feature affect AirHost?

A: No, it doesn't.

The reason is that AirHost is integrated with Airbnb through an API. We send and receive messages not through email aliases but via the Message API.

Thus, we can continue to send automatic messages to Airbnb guests without any change.

Notes: What is API integration?

API integration is connecting two applications to share data and functionalities. For example, by integrating Airbnb with AirHost via API, Airbnb's guest data and reservation information are automatically synced with AirHost. This includes synchronization of inventory and pricing, as well as message sending and receiving through the API.

Q: Is AirHost's automatic messaging only available for Airbnb?

A: No, it's available for all supported OTAs (Online Travel Agencies).

This includes:


  • Agoda

  • Expedia

  • Rakuten Travel

  • Ikkyu / Yahoo Travel

  • Jalan

...and other major domestic OTAs.

Examples of automatic messages:

  • Reservation confirmation, pre-check-in instructions

  • Directions to the accommodation

  • Check-in instructions

  • How to receive the keys
    ...and more.

Note: Is it really that beneficial to manage messaging across multiple OTAs from one platform?

For instance, it minimizes the effort required to manage communications with guests who book through different OTAs like, Rakuten Travel, Yahoo Travel, etc.

Not being able to send automatic messages not only increases the workload for hosts (operators) but can also lead to unexpected troubles due to missed communications.

When selecting a system, we recommend ensuring that it can appropriately send messages to all the OTAs you plan to list with.

Q: Tell us about AirHost's automatic messaging feature.

With AirHost's automatic messaging, you can:

  • Set up about 10 types of message configurations

  • Specify detailed sending conditions with timing and criteria

  • Create message templates

  • Customize messages with guest names and check-in dates

  • Customize per facility

  • Set languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

  • Handle reservations that do not provide email addresses

We are confident in our ability to cover a wide range of hosts' needs. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us.

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The discontinuation of Airbnb's email alias feature may complicate automatic message sending for some hosts using certain systems.

AirHost is compatible with Airbnb's Message API and can also send automatic messages to guests of other major OTAs.

Moreover, you can automatically send standard emails like reservation confirmation and check-in instructions.

Switching to AirHost enables uniform automatic messaging to all OTA guests, allowing for prompt responses to guest inquiries and significantly improving operational efficiency for hosts.

By making the switch early, you might minimize the impact of Airbnb's email alias feature discontinuation.

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