2024 PMS Hotel Systems|How to Choose the Right PMS for Automated Hotels & MInpaku

8 key point for selecting pms for automated hotel

Exploring PMS Selection for the Japanese Market.

Here's your page for those looking to wisely choose a Property Management System (PMS) essential for operating Automated hotels and vacation rentals in Japan!

What is a PMS?

A system that manages various aspects of hospitality operations, including reservation and cleaning management. 

In this guide, we'll cover the theme "How to choose the right PMS without making a loss" for those operating unmanned hotels and vacation rentals.

Stay with us till the end for valuable insights!

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"Cloud-Based All-in-One" PMS is the Best Choise

Smart Management with "Cloud-Based All-in-One" PMS for Automated Hotels

A Cloud-Based All-in-One Type PMS is the ideal choice for automated hotels and Minpaku (vacation rentals).

'All-in-One' refers to integration with a site controller

Especially, a PMS that works together with a Site Controller makes things easier by combining many systems into just one.

What is a Site Controller?

It's a tool on the internet that helps manage all your room information, like how many you have, prices, and who's booking them, in one spot. This is really handy when your rooms are listed on different OTAs, which are websites where people go to book their stay.

If you want to make running your hotel easier by automating things like sending messages, self-checking and paying before guest arrive, choosing an all-in-one PMS is a smart choise.

We'll explain more about how all-in-one PMS makes things easier in the next part.

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PMS Basics

PMS Basics

A PMS is a key system that helps hotels and Minpaku manage bookings and rooms easily.

Before we dive into which all-in-one PMS is best for you, let's first

  • The basic functions of a PMS

  • Different types of PMS

Main features of a PMS!

A PMS has lots of cool features to make running a place to stay more efficient and less of a headache.


What It Does

Booking Management

Keeps track of all reservations from online in one place.

Check-In/Out Management

Makes it easy for guests to arrive and leave smoothly

Room & Cleaning Management       

Helps know which rooms are free and which need cleaning

Guest Communication

Lets you chat with guests using emails or messages.

Revenue Management

Helps understand how much money is made and tracks profits.

Types of PMS

PMS stands for Property Management Systems, and they come in two main types: On-Premise and Cloud-Based.

Let's look at how they are different:


On-Premise PMS

Cloud-Based PMS


Systems and software are set up inside your property, and you manage everything.

You use systems and software provided by an outside service, so you don't need to own them.

Good Points

can make it just how you want, secure your data, and it's easy to work with other systems in your hotel.

Costs less to start, easy to get going, and you pay based on what you need, so it can save money.

Weak point

Costs a lot to set up, and you need people and time to look after it.

Might not be able to customize it much, and it could end up costing more over time.

Best For

Big hotels and resorts with 100+ rooms, fancy inns, hotel chains, places that need special setups and top security

Smaller hotels and inns, unmanned rentals, guest houses, and new places that want to save on initial costs.

Recommended For

Big places that can invest long-term and want their own unique systems and services.

Places that want to be efficient and get set up fast, keep things simple in running and managing.

In the Automated hoted and Minpaku industry in Japan, Cloud-Based PMS is becoming more popular.

Within this type, there are two kinds:

  • Standalone PMS

  • Integrated with a Site Controller

Again, The PMS integrated with a Site Controller is getting lots of attention.

It's a big change for places that want to automate and make things efficient.

Especially, our AirHost the only PMS in Japan that's integrated with a Site Controller!

It's great at customizing pricing and booking rules, very secure, and cost-effective, covering the usual downsides of cloud-based systems.

If you want check out AirHost's PMS that combines safety and great value for money,

See AirHost's PMS here

Choosing an All-in-One PMS: 8 Key Points

Choosing an All-in-One PMS: 8 Key Points

When selecting an all-in-one type PMS, focus on how it can automate and streamline your daily operations. Also, consider its ability to integrate seamlessly with other services.

Here are 8 specific points to check:

  • Scope of Automated Messaging

  • Ease of Cleaning Management

  • Smart Check-in/out Capabilities

  • Integration with Payment Services

  • Compatibility with Smart Locks

  • Optimization of Room Rates

  • Data Collection and Analysis Functions

  • Support in Times of Need

Let's check into these points.

1: Scope of Automated Messaging

For unmanned hotels and vacation rentals, the ability to automate guest communications via "Automated Messaging" is essential.

Firstly, check if the PMS has an automated messaging feature. Detailed checks should include:

  • Compatibility with All OTAs: Ensure messages can be sent across all booking platforms.

  • Multilingual Support: Verify if messages can be communicated in multiple languages.

  • Customizable Content: Look for options to personalize messages according to different scenarios.

  • Multiple Customizable Templates: Check if you can create and tailor multiple templates.

  • Inclusion of Necessary Information: Make sure you can include essential details like directions, stay rules, local info, and review requests.

Please pay special attention to whether automated messaging works with all OTAs.

Some PMS systems might not support automated messaging for guests booked through specific OTAs.

For example, changes in Airbnb’s email alias system have affected the ability to send automated messages to Airbnb guests.

2: Ease of Cleaning Management

Manually managing daily cleaning tasks is labor-intensive.

Look for PMS systems that can automate communication with cleaners or external cleaning services.

Features like automatic notifications to staff via email or calendar for new reservations, cancellations, or changes help prevent miscommunication and ensure efficient cleaning management.

It's beneficial if the PMS also allows for tracking progress and sending instructions to the cleaning staff.

3: Smart Check-in and Check-out Capabilities

Having a PMS that supports smart check-in and check-out is extremely convenient.

Guests can easily check in or out using their smartphones or tablets.

This reduces lines at hotel receptions and eases staff workload.

For Automated hotels and Minpaku, a self-check-in system is essential.

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4: Integration with Payment Tools

Check if the PMS integrates with credit card or online payment tools to streamline guest payment processes.

The AirHost PMS, in particular, offers features that enhance revenue management by:

  • Encouraging advance payments

  • Mitigating No-Shows

  • Securing deposits

These features make it easier to manage sales efficiently.

5: Compatibility with Smart Locks

Ensure the PMS can integrate with smart locks!

With smart locks, guests don't need to carry keys around. They can easily open doors using their smartphone or a PIN code, simplifying check-ins and providing hassle-free access, even late at night.

Smart locks also increase safety by allowing different PINs for each guest, eliminating worries about lost keys.

When considering a PMS, think about incorporating smart locks into your property for added convenience and security.

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6: Room Rate Optimization Capabilities

Check if the PMS offers automatic room rate optimization through dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing adjusts prices flexibly based on demand fluctuations.

For example, it automatically raises prices during tourist seasons or special events to maximize revenue, and lowers them in the off-season to boost booking rates.

Especially AirHost's PMS, is integrates with PriceLabs to enable automatic pricing adjustments aligned with market trends and competitor rates.

This feature helps increase profits during peak seasons and improve occupancy rates during slower periods.

7: Data Collection and Analysis Features

Ensure the PMS has data collection and analysis capabilities.

With data analytics, it becomes easier to understand sales trends and devise effective management strategies.

For example, you can offer discounts tailored to summer vacations or promote new events, effectively increasing guest attraction.

8: Reliable Support for Troubleshooting

Having support features ensures peace of mind during any system issues.

Check for easily understandable tutorial videos, a helpful FAQ page, or a responsive inquiry desk.

This support is especially beneficial for new owners or smaller accommodation facilities, offering long-term usability and reassurance.

All-in-One and Cloud-Based PMS Comparison Table

All-in-One and Cloud-Based PMS Comparison Table

Here's a summary of all-in-one and cloud-based PMS options available in Japanes market:

Company / Service Name





Smart Check-in, Automatic Messaging Support

Compatible with all domestic OTAs for automatic messaging; Smart Check-in Supported



Automation and Customization Capabilities

Multifunctional PMS; High Functionality at Low Cost



Long-standing Track Record, Multilingual & Pre-payment Support

TAP provided, User-friendly System

Standalone PMS


Supports Three Plans, Multifunctional

Targeted for Inns, Free Trial Period Available

Standalone PMS


Affordable and Multifunctional

30-Day Free Trial, Multilingual Support

Standalone PMS


Easy to Operate, Customizable

Combines Ease of Use with Functionality

Standalone PMS

Supplement: PMS for Large and Medium-Scale Hotels

The following are key PMS options suited for large and medium-scale hotels:

Company / Service Name




Comprehensive efficiency enhancement with in-house developed system

On-Premise / Cloud


Reduces initial costs and offers flexible operation



365-day support with a variety of features

On-Premise / Cloud


Fully integrated system with all features

On-Premise / Cloud


Highly customizable



Abundant features, by Fujitsu


Each offers unique characteristics to meet the complex needs of large-scale facilities with a range of functions.

Wrap up

We have introduced smart ways to choose a PMS for unmanned hotels and vacation rentals.

Focusing on the convenience of cloud-based systems and the multi functionality of all-in-one PMS, we particularly highlighted the features of AirHost, optimized for the Japanese market.

If you aim to automate operations and enhance guest satisfaction, consider consulting with AirHost. Experience firsthand how smooth and efficient your operations can become.

Looking forward to your inquiry!

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