Self check-in pre and post COVID-19 with AirHost

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Self Check in Kiosks for Hotels. Source: Hospitality & Catering news                 

Self check-in pre and post COVID-19 with AirHost 

The hospitality sector remains the most affected industry due to the pandemic. The sudden spread of the contagious virus shut down the hospitality sector for more than a year. As the new normal takes shape, it is important for the hospitality industry to adhere to new rules.            

Self-check-in has been one of the prominent features of AirHost way before even COVID-19 existed. It is our responsibility to keep evolving to serve our clients a better and optimal experience. Here’s how agile AirHost has been in catering to client’s needs while fulfilling market needs.

Before COVID-19 

The industry 

Smart capacities and services were considered add-ons in the pre COVID-19 world. Ordering through phone services was an add on special service in pre-COVID times.
Earlier, mobile check-ins were reserved for loyalty reward members, making it a luxury. There were many touchpoints in the whole experience and it was majorly human to human interaction.

Therefore, training staff can cost hotels a great fortune. The farthest hotels could go was mobile check-ins, which was also like a luxury and was limited to only a few. 

AirHost: Hotel Contactless Solution

AirHost has been supporting self check-ins since 2015. Previously,  AirHost operated on web pre check-in and onsite tablet check-in. Self check-ins have been showing their presence on web, tablet and kiosk with different formats. 

Since 2015, AirHost PMS clients allow guests to check in securely and safely with a signature, verifying their passport by taking selfie photos. Guests would be notified with key and room information after they check in. Besides, guests will also receive information in advance about luggage storage or rental facilities, which would be useful for travel planning after registration.


Minpaku Hotel in Japan.

The benefits of self check-ins are not just limited to convenience and ease but also the decrease of operation cost. For instance, Minpaku in Japan aim at maximizing their revenue alongside lowering their costs and maximizing their profit. With AirHost hotel contactless solution, hotels have the option to choose from a partial contactless hotel management or a full contactless hotel management. 

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Simple self check in ways. Source:

This contactless change is for the long run. By switching to self check-ins, customers gain a contactless and convenient experience. When it comes to hotels with limited resources, automated self check-ins can replace manpower thus reducing costs and ensuring safety especially given the current circumstances. 

Post COVID-19 Self Check-In


Due to the pandemic, the modes have definitely changed. Travel bans, border closures, event cancellations, quarantine mandates and the fear of spread have placed extreme challenges on the tourism and hospitality industry. 
In the post COVID-19 world, hygiene and safety is more important than ever. Hotels are investing into safety accessories like disinfectants or sanitizers while following safety measures for guests and employees.
Now, hotels are investing in advanced technology which can ensure a smooth contactless, convenient and safe process such as self check-ins, AI technology, Face recognition, and Smart lock to avoid human contact.  In the contemporary world, hotel contactless check in / hotel mobile solutions are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. 

AirHost: Web check-in & contactless hotel solutions

With the introduction of AirHost mobile self check-ins, there are additional features which make the stay convenient from checking in to checking out. 
With One Stay mobile check-in App, payment options, reservation scheduling, room services, facilities booking, local events alerts will become more convenient. Guests can customize the features according to their preferences in the main menu of the mobile apps. 
AirHost ONE Hotel Contactless Check-in offers solutions such as add-on Mobile Check-in apps, POS Upsell, Facilities reservation, CRM, and live chat communication function.

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Check In with AirHost Contactless Solution. Source:

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AirHost PMS. 

AirHost One enables comfortable and convenient stay with inbuilt features ranging from booking, self check-in to checkout. It has managed to transform the hotel industry in just a span of time. 

With AirHost One, guests  experience a pleasant stay with COVID-19 guidelines in line and almost little to no human interaction.  AirHost  plans to develop and provide services which match the needs and requirements of our customers.
In the post pandemic world, while human touch is irreplaceable safety and hygiene still remains priority.  Self Check ins and check outs have become a mandate almost everywhere. 

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