Great benefits of business collaboration in hotel industry


Business collaboration could be an effective way to achieve both companies’ goals. Source: Business2community.

Great benefits of business collaboration in hotel industry

In order to garner more customer base and enhance the branch reach, numerous brands have chosen to collaborate with each other. This will not only help establish the customer relationships when different companies come together, the brands also can increase their revenue. From fashion brands teaming up with toy manufacturers, collaborations within the hospitality industry itself has always been robust. What are the merits when brands get together for hotels and services as such? 

Increase brand awareness 

Brand alliances prove to be a level playing field for every individual company involved. Customers expect an inclusive purchase, because when they purchase an item from one brand, the companies would try to offer them another product from another company. 
For instance, when the guests book the hotel rooms, the booking link will provide exclusive deals to draw the guests to the nearby restaurants, or the discount vouchers to a souvenir shop. By this means, customers will acknowledge the restaurant brands or other facilities that partnered with the hotel. From then on, the customers will use the recommended services, and both associated hotels and restaurants will earn their profits. 

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Creating brand awareness to increase the revenue. Image source: Tim Viec Marketing.

Interestingly, some businesses have partnered to contribute to the society, such as participating in environment protection activism, or joining charities and non-governmental organizations. This is also a way to maximize their benefits, and simultaneously, gaining social presence. The research by Weinstein and Cook (2011) reveals that to illustrate social responsibility, some companies tend to make a financial investment to popular charitable organizations.

Next, implementing a strategic marketing scheme to tie the company with social responsibility organizations could foster trust and credibility. For hotels who could not find an NGO to increase their outreach, it is beneficial to join alliances with some organizations or programs that promote people’s wellbeing. Some of the examples from famous chain hotels would be further discussed in the following section.

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Building trust between NGOs and businesses to help create a better society. Source: AsianNgo

Elevate customer experiences 

Nowadays, brands are focusing on how to create personalized experiences for guests. While in the past, the customer experiences were the same. However, with the substantial growth of technology, brands should innovate their platforms and allow the guests to customize their experiences. 

The customization process could be embedded in the hotel systems itself. For instance, the guests want to book a room, but the current interface of the hotel is not quite organized. Therefore, the hotels shall adopt cloud-based systems to manage their tasks, and also let their guests optimize their experiences. 
The study by Richard (2016) on initiating a dynamic future for hotel chains has shown that millennials would love to seek for social, direct interactions, and they have a deep interest in sharing their moments on social media platforms. Therefore, creating a comprehensive reservation system to make it easier for the guests to book the hotel room with related services. 

According to Shahid et al. (2017), the process of acknowledging the brand is called perceived brand quality. In the hospitality industry, some of the examples could be listed: the luxurious The Mark Hotel in New York City collaborating with Bergdorf Goodman for pedicab transport; or JW Marriott Hotels and Resorts’ partnership with Behind the Barre to increase the guests’ physiques and spirituality. 

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JW Marriott and Behind the Barre’s partnership. Source: LatteLuxuryNews.

In Japan, Liber Hotel added Snoopy or Jurassic World decorations in collaboration with Universal Studios Japan. Learning from the examples of these eminent hotel brands could elevate other brands’ reach to the customers. To find out more about the prominent chain hotels’ partnership with big brands to provide customers with nice services, you can find more at Pegasus here


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