Frequently Asked Questions

About AirHost

What is AirHost, and what kind of system is it?

AirHost is an automation support system designed to assist owners and managers of accommodation facilities in operating more efficiently.

By automating daily tasks, it enables unmanned and labor-saving operations, allowing for a greater focus on hospitality.

Specifically, it offers various automation and management tools, including automatic messaging, cleaning management, automatic discounts, smart lock and payment integration, and automatic room assignments.

Which types of accommodation facilities can use AirHost?

Owners of private lodgings, small to medium-sized hotel operators, and managers of vacation rentals can all utilize AirHost. We provide customizable services tailored to the needs of each facility.

What are the benefits of using AirHost?

Using AirHost can lead to increased customer attraction, operation automation, and improved customer satisfaction. We also assist in selecting the best booking sites according to each facility's type and target market, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each OTA to maximize bookings.

Can you tell me which OTAs are supported by AirHost?
AirHost connects with over ten major domestic OTAs, including Airbnb, Agoda,, Vrbo, Expedia, Rakuten Travel, and Jalan.
Is it possible to purchase just the AirHost channel manager?
The AirHost channel manager and PMS are offered as an all-in-one service.
What is the AirHost booking engine?
Create your reservation site, enhancing direct booking rates with features like Google Hotel integration and coupon functions.
Does AirHost offer on-site training?
While primarily online, we also offer on-site training as needed (additional fees apply).
Does the AirHost PMS support multiple languages?
Support is available in English, Japanese, and Chinese (contact us for other languages).
Are there video help tutorials available?
After registering as an AirHost user, you can check the system help page or visit our official YouTube channel for more information.
Is there a free trial available?
We do not offer a free trial.
What's the shortest implementation time?
The setup process takes about two weeks.
How long does it take to set up AirHost system?
Our team provides online support and guidance, taking one day to one week to connect to OTAs and set up automated messages, depending on the number of facilities.
Can the AirHost license be changed mid-term?
Main support channels include chatbot, ticket, and email, with additional paid support options available upon inquiry.
What kind of support is available after implementation?
Self-setup without initial support is possible but not recommended due to the time involved.
What is the pricing plan?
Pricing varies according to the scale of the facility and services used. For more details, visit our pricing page or contact us.
Can you explain the contract duration and cancellation terms?
Contract duration and cancellation terms vary by chosen plan. For detailed cancellation information, please visit our cancellation policy page. We offer flexible contract options to suit your needs.

About Reservations, Room Assignments, and Inventory Management

Is room allocation automation possible?
Yes, our automatic room allocation optimizes assignments daily, considering all bookings. Manual adjustments and specific reservation fixes are also possible.
Can offline (e.g., walk-in/phone) reservations be inputted?
Yes, you can manually add new reservations and enter guest information.

About Automated Messaging

Can automated messages be set up for each facility?
You can set common or unique automated messages for each facility.
Does the message management support OTAs?
We support major OTAs, including Airbnb,, Agoda, Expedia, Rakuten Travel, Ikyu, Yahoo Travel, and Jalan in Japan.
Is it possible to consolidate messages and interactions from guests coming through OTAs?
It's possible to manage all OTA guest communications from one inbox, including Rakuten Travel and Ikyu.
Are automated messages text-only, or can images be included?
Automated messages are text with variable tags; images can be shown via linked pages.
Can photos be sent and received in messages?
Sending attachments is possible.
Are automated messages sent separately from the hotel/private lodging facility in addition to those sent directly from OTAs?
Our automated messages differ from those sent by OTAs, offering consistent messaging to all guests regardless of the OTA.
Are automated messages send via email?
Messaging with Airbnb and uses their API, while Rakuten Travel and Ikyu use their management pages. Other OTAs communicate via email.
Can message templates be managed for each facility?
Template management is flexible, allowing for common or individual settings.
Is there an SMS feature?
We do not recommend or provide SMS due to potential costs.
What language settings are available? Are languages other than English supported?
Currently, support is limited to English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Unsupported languages default to English.
Is there an auto-translation feature?
Auto-translation is planned for future release.
Can the smart lock PIN be sent in automated messages?
Sending smart lock PINs via automated messages is possible.
For message management, is it identifiable which OTA the message is coming from?
You can identify which OTA the message is coming from through icons.
Is integration with an AI chatbot for message management possible?
Integration with an AI chatbot is not currently available.
How long after checkout can automated messages be set?
Automated messages can be set up to the day of checkout.
Does the booking engine include a review management feature?
There's no review management feature post-check-in, but you can use automated messages for guest surveys.
Does the CRM functionality include direct messaging (DM)?
No, it does not. Instead, you can export a list of data as a CSV file and use an external service for sending messages.

About Identification, Check-in, and Check-out

Are manual check-ins possible?
Manual check-ins are possible.
Can OTA reviews be automated post-checkout?
Automated OTA reviews are not available; Airbnb allows manual replies via AirHost.
How can guests check in using the smart check-in system?
  1. Before arrival, guests fill out the check-in form online.
  2. Upon arrival at the hotel, they complete the check-in process using a tablet (including taking a photo).
  3. The room number and PIN code are then sent to the guest.
If identity verification is required, other companies need a camera. How about AirHost?
Identity verification can be done using the guest's smartphone or our company's tablet.
Could you tell the specifications of the tablet?
It is a LENOVO tablet. Please contact us for more details.
If 3 out of 4 guests arrive early, can they check in?
Yes, it is possible depending on the settings.
What happens if AI facial recognition fails?
The process would be: the guest takes action by contacting the facility → sends a selfie → staff manually complete the check-in.
Is it possible to conduct identity verification via video chat on a smartphone at check-in?
Yes, it is possible. By installing a staff-exclusive app, you can receive video chats on your own smartphone.
Will the identity verification data from the video chat be saved as a video?
Video chats are treated as manned identity verification, so the video data is not saved. Additionally, there is no requirement to submit video chat records to authorities.

About Cleaning Management

How are cleaning tasks assigned?
A designated leader is responsible for assigning the tasks.
Is it possible to communicate with cleaners in cleaning management?
Yes, you can issue instructions to each cleaner using the comment function. Additionally, it's possible to add handover comments from the previous cleaner.
Is it possible to import cleaning management data via CSV?
No, it is not possible. Cleaning tasks are automatically generated based on reservation information.
How are cleaning service providers notified?
Cleaning schedules are automatically notified via email.

About System

Can the tablet be used with Wi-Fi?
Yes, it can be used with Wi-Fi.
Could you provide details on the number of facilities using PriceLabs for dynamic pricing, and its accuracy?
PriceLabs is particularly popular among small accommodations like private lodgings, serving over 135 countries with 300,000 listings. For details on the algorithm and more, please contact PriceLabs directly.
Is it possible to export various reports as CSV files?
Yes, it is possible, depending on the type of report.
Will I be notified when there's an order from the POS?
Yes, notifications will be displayed in the management dashboard or sent via email.

About Payment Methods & Pricing Strategies

What features are included in the payment integration provided by AirHost?

It integrates with Stripe to offer automated authorization at the time of OTA bookings, notifications for invalid cards, periodic authorization until check-in, and both automatic and manual payment management.

This feature helps prevent no-show losses through automatic cancellation fee payments and supports multi-account settings for multiple accommodation facilities as well as payments in local currencies.

Is the payment feature only available with Stripe?
Yes, currently, it is only available with Stripe. You can see more detail in this page.
Is payment by card only processed at the time of booking?
It's customizable. At the time of booking, only authorization is performed, and you can set the payment to be processed on the check-in date or a specified number of days prior.
Can you synchronize different rates for each OTA?
Yes, you can automatically synchronize rates by applying a different percentage to the prices set in the rate calendar for each OTA.
Do I need to set child rates for each OTA individually?
Yes, for OTAs, you need to set child rates on each OTA's platform. However, if you're using AirHost's booking engine, you can set child rates directly through our system.
Could you tell me the Stripe payment processing fees?
The standard fee is 3.6%. For more details, please contact Stripe.

About Guest Information & Corporate Name Details

Is it possible to export the guest register?
Yes, you can download it in bulk once a month. For security reasons, the download is available for up to three months' worth of data.

About IoT & Smart Lock Related

Which smart locks are supported?
We support many smart locks, including RemoteLock, Keyvox, KeyCafe, L!NKEY, Key Station, Assa Abloy, and more.

Resolved your concerns?

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