Frequently Asked Questions

About AirHost

What is AirHost?

AirHost is a Hospitality/Property Management System which have various automation and operation tools provided, including: automated messaging, cleaning management, automatic discount, inquiry centralization, finance report, and auto room arrangement.

Which OTAs are Interconnected with AirHost?

AirHost Channel Manager is interconnected with major OTAs such as Airbnb, Agoda,, HomeAway, VacationStay, Tujia, Expedia, Rakuten Travel, Temairazu, AsiaYo, Ctrip, HostelWorld, etc.

Can I purchase AirHost Channel Manager only?

AirHost Channel Manager and AirHost PMS goes hand-in-hand as one product.

What is AirHost Payment Gateway?

AirHost has integrated with Stripe, a well-known payment processing system, for secure and easy payment collections of all charges, based on your company's policies.

What is AirHost Booking Engine?

AirHost Booking Engine is a hotel booking system for direct bookings. With AirHost Web, you can create and update real-time content, photos and promotions on your own website easily. You can increase profit by getting direct bookings and zero commissions to other OTAs.

Dose AirHost provide training in my region/country

AirHost provides guides to clients via detailed online documentation, online meetings, as well as on-site training if it is needed. (On-site training is an add-on to the package. Please contact AirHost Team for further information)

Dose AirHost PMS have multilingual support

Yes, currently we have English, Japanese and Chinese. (For other languages, please contact AirHost Team)

Does AirHost have video tutorials

Video Tutorials can be found in AirHost Youtube page.

Can I try service for free

Of course! We offer a free 30 days trial to anyone who wants to try our service.

AirHost Support

How long does it take to familiarize with AirHost PMS?

AirHost will provide Guides & Documentations along with an On-boarding specialist to guide you through the system. It will takes about 2 weeks to set up OTA (If you haven't done so) and connect them to AirHost system.

Can I have different prices in different OTAs

Yes, by utilizing AirHost Price Templates, you can set multiple price templates for different OTAs, different Properties, as well as create Seasonal Pricing Templates.

Can I allocate a booking to a different room fromthe room it was automatically?

Yes, you can 'drag and drop' the booking to move it to another room. You can also lock a booking if you don't want it to be re-allocated by the Auto Room Arrangement feature.

Can i enter an offline (i.e walk-in/telephone) booking?

Yes, you can manually add a new booking and enter the guest's information.

How can my guests check in with the Smart Check-in system?

In order to complete the hotel checkin process, the guest have to complete following steps:1. Prior to arrival, your guests will have to fill out the check-in form online.2. When your guests arrive at the hotel, they will complete check-in process via the Tablet (Photo taking etc). 3. Room number and PIN Code will be sent to the guests.

What Smart Lock is supported

For ASEAN region, we are integrated with KeyWe. If you have a preferred smart lock provider you wish to work with, we are able to do the integration with them, please contact AirHost Team.