Additional Benefits

Insured Peril vs All-Risk

Loss of or damage to your workplace property, equipment, mobile gadgets and fittings, etc. due to perils such as fire, theft and any other accident or misfortune not specifically excluded in the policy.

Building, Fixtures and Fittings

No matter how well prepared you are, every business is vulnerable to physical damage that could result in costly interruptions to daily operations. The damage may not only affect your buildings, but also your equipment and inventory.


Due to wide range of differences and non-uniformity of costs associated with housings, for example tax rates, rental stream, LTV and others, this research focuses on values and data supplied by NAPIC only.

Personal Liability

Personal liability coverage generally provides protection third-party liability claims in case you are in an accident and cause harm or injury to another person. It also covers damage caused to another person’s property, protecting you from paying large amounts in damages when a third party sues you due to injury or damages. This is especially important when when you travel overseas, where you’re far from home and in unfamiliar territory.

Alternative Accomodation

If your home is uninhabitable due to a major incident, this coverage helps you ease the financial burden of a temporary accomodation.This coverage typically has a daily benefit limit and covers you up to a certain number of days.

Loss of money & valuables

Low crime doesnt mean no crime. Even though house break-ins are on the decline, one can never be too sure. This coverage insures physical money, valuables and personal belongings against theft and forceful entry. Bear in mind there is always a benefit limit to each category (e.g. loss of money capped at $500)